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Welcome to Our page about the world’s most famous casino card game. Here you will find all the information you need to play in blackjack casinos on the Internet fairly with reputable providers. We have put together list of the best online blackjack casinos and will help you to understand this game properly and to take advantage of the high payout ratio.

This page is mainly about the Internet casinos that offer the card game. But there are other blackjack topics, especially for beginners, that are worth a look before real bets are made.

The list of the best blackjack casinos

The most popular of all card games of chance can be found in every online casino, but not every provider is equally suitable for the game of 21. Here we have listed best blackjack casinos for you.

4.5 / 5

€100 Welcome Bonus

4.2 / 5

€120 Welcome Bonus

4.3 / 5

€200 Welcome Bonus

4.3 / 5

€200 Welcome Bonus

4.4 / 5

€100 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

€100 Welcome Bonus

4.4 / 5

€100 Welcome Bonus

4.5 / 5

$/€100 Welcome Bonus

4.4 / 5

€100 Welcome Bonus

4.5 / 5

€ 500 Welcome Bonus

Because there are a lot of questions about the starting balance, we deal with the conditions of the blackjack bonus offers available to new customers on a special page. Even further down on this page, we are discussing the offers for this card game.

You will also find other sub-pages related to blackjack in general. There you can find out more about the game of 21 both on the Internet and in casinos. Of course, the strategies and the answer to the question of whether you can beat the house with the help of card counting are particularly interesting. Check it out!

Why are these providers particularly suitable for the card game?

First of all, in my Blackjack Casino test, we only include providers in my selection who have a valid state license. This is the only way to protect you from fraud. Then I evaluate criteria such as the game selection, Good customer service, fair bonus offers, stable software and a lot more. You can find details about my test and the licenses on the page about best online casinos.

In search of the best blackjack casino, we put the emphasis of my review on the games! Incidentally, this also includes other casino games. But of course that’s not all. It may come as a surprise to some, but the bonus conditions are also an essential part of a good test result.

The blackjack online games

Only a few casino sites are still limited to offering the classic game. I am making it available to you as a play money version so that you can compare it with the titles listed below.

blackjack online games

Usually you will find several varieties of blackjack in good real money casinos. Since this card game is the most complex of all casino games, many different variations have developed over the years that differ from the basic blackjack rules.

For example, there are games in which you can split your hand as often as you like or even win in a tie. In addition, of course, tactics also change. So you have to learn again when it is worth doubling up or whether insurance makes sense. Here I have put together some of the online blackjack games that you can find in the range of recommended internet blackjack casinos. Just try them out for free.

Blackjack SwitchProgressive BlackjackPontoonBlackjack Peek
Perfect BlackjackBlackjack SurrenderDouble ExposureBlackjack Pro
Double Attack BlackjackDouble ExposureSpanish 21Super Fun 21
Atlantic CityClassic Blackjack GoldSuper 7s Multi HandSuper 21 Blackjack
Suitem Up BlackjackSingle Deck ProfessionalVegas Strip Blackjack3 Hand Blackjack
6 in 1 BlackjackAmerican BlackjackBuster BlackjackCashback Blackjack
European BlackjackDeal or No DealLucky LadiesPremium Blackjack
FastVIP MultihandPirate 21Blackjack 21
Neon BlackjackTrump It BlackjackBlackjack RenoBlackjack French
3D BlackjackFreeChip BlackjackSonya BlackjackAmerican Blackjack Turbo
Blackjack Single HandHi-Lo BlackjackLow Stakes BlackjackSuper Stakes Blackjack

In the above selection of online blackjack games you will find new and innovative titles from the largest online gambling developers Playtech, NetEnt and Microgaming, which adapt more than just individual rules. A popular example of this is the Blackjack Switch, in which you always play in two boxes (seats at the table) and at the beginning of each round you have the option to swap the two cards above.

So you have a better starting position for the rest of the game. In 21 Duel Blackjack, on the other hand, there are two community cards in the middle of the table, of which both the player and the dealer must choose one and use it. It can also happen that the player and the dealer play independently with the same card.

Live dealer blackjack games

Of course, live dealer game variants should not be missing these days. Blackjack is always offered alongside roulette. However, so far there is only the classic game variant. A large selection of different tables, table limits, dealers and side bets is therefore crucial for a good range of games. A special feature of the live games is that you can still take part in the game even though all seats at the normal tables are occupied.

Live dealer blackjack games

Then you can make use of the so-called Bet Behind Option. You are betting on a player without playing yourself, but you are dependent on the decisions of the player at the table. In return, the limits for bet-behind stakes are significantly lower than the regular stake. In addition, at selected casinos there is the possibility to place bets on a table called common draw.

What it means is that you don’t have the usual seven players at the table, but share a hand with an unlimited number of players. Common Draw is offered in NetEnt, for example. An example of a good provider with NetEnt gaming tables is the Frank Casino.

Blackjack on the phone and tablet

You can of course play the popular card game on the go. If you control one of the providers presented on my page with your smartphone or tablet, then you will definitely find the classic variants in the range of games. You can get started right in your browser at my best blackjack casinos. This also applies to the live tables.

Downloading an app is not necessary for iOS and Android mobile devices. Thanks to modern programming, the blackjack online gaming tables are automatically available in the version optimized for touchscreens. The other games and functions are also available. On my extra page on the topic you can find more about the blackjack apps.

Bonus conditions for BJ

If you received a bonus from the casino when you registered, you can usually use it on any game. However, the bonus balance can only be paid out once the bonus conditions have been met.

The most important thing is that you reach the minimum sales in the planned period. It should be noted that the bets made do not count 100% of the turnover for all games in order to avoid misuse of the bonus offer on the part of the players. In particular, games with a very low house edge are either only used to a fraction or not at all for calculating sales. Good values ​​for the weighting of the card table games are between 10% and 20%. But you realize that you have to play significantly more hands than spins on slots to get the bonus balance.

As you can see on the bonus page, how high this turnover must be and how the weighting of the games is handled differs from provider to provider. Click there if you have no idea what I’m talking about here.

At this point I would like to recommend a good blackjack casino bonus offer and list all conditions as an example in detail. You should still always look at the terms and conditions of the casinos to be fully informed.

Please note the conditions or reject the bonus!

You always have the option to reject the bonus when making a deposit or immediately after receiving it! Since numerous conditions must be met with a blackjack bonus and other offers for new customers, you should only accept such an offer if you are sure that you can meet these requirements. Otherwise I would advise you to start without a bonus balance. This helps to avoid misunderstandings and frustration if the starting balance and the winnings earned with it should be lost.

Large selection of table limits for all occasions

Especially good for beginners and those of you with a smaller budget is the possibility of starting with low limits in online blackjack. In Viks, for example, things start at just 10 cents. However, a minimum stake of 25 cents (e.g. at Karamba) is also common. As a rule, you can get started on the Internet for as little as € 1 per round.

With providers such as MrBit Casino, the limits go up to a maximum of € 10,000. The highest table limits are usually found at the live dealer tables. If you want to play a higher or lower limit, you can of course change the table or the table limit with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can find out more about the possible stakes on side bets on my page about real money blackjack.

In the casino, on the other hand, you are always dependent on the local offer of tables and limits. Often times, as in the Feuchtwangen casino, the game only starts with a minimum stake of € 5 and the maximum stake of € 1,000 is significantly lower than online.

BJ Payout rates and how to recognize fair providers

In addition to legality, fairness and security are important components for unadulterated gaming fun. Legal game offers can be recognized by the valid gambling license.

But how can you tell that the results of playing blackjack online are fair and random?

BJ Payout rates

Safe online casinos also publish the withdrawal reports that are prepared by external and regulatory-approved testing laboratories. These calculate a payout ratio based on all stakes and winnings of the blackjack casino players in a certain period of time. These reports can be viewed by any visitor to the casino site. At the bottom of the website not only the details of the company and the license are listed, but here you can also find the link to confirm the current payout analysis. To do this, click on the logo of the responsible test laboratory, in most cases this is Gaming Laboratories International (GLI), Technical Systems Testing (TST) or eCommerce Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA). The displayed certificate confirms the payout rates and the function of the random number generator.

This ensures that all hands run with probabilities as in reality. For example, statistically speaking, an ace is drawn just as often as when using real decks of cards. This means that the payout rates are also within the framework of the game at real tables.

Main bet – best payout percentages

PercentageBJ Game
99,87%Blackjack Switch
99,66%Blackjack Surrender
99,64%Perfect Pairs Blackjack
99,53%Progressive Blackjack
99,53%Blackjack Pro (single Deck)
99,51%Atlantic City Blackjack
99,50%Lucky 7 Blackjack
99,41%Live BJ (Evolution Gaming)
99,30%European Blackjack

Side bets – best payout percentages

PercentageBJ Game
97,92%Hi Lo (6 Decks)
97,78%Super Split (8 Decks)
97,69%Kings Bounty (6 Decks)
97,45%Super Match
97,33%Match the Dealer (8 Decks)
97,31%Straight 8´s (6 Decks)
97,22%21+3 (6 Decks)
95,11%Lucky 7s (8 Decks)
95,01%Perfect Pair (8 Decks)
93,34%Royal Match (6 Decks)


For beginners, frequent gamblers and high rollers, blackjack online casinos today have many advantages over casinos. On the net, you have the chance to make particularly efficient use of the particularly low house advantage.

So that you can start the game properly on the net, we have selected our best blackjack casino and other recommendations for you as well as written further sub-pages about the card game.

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