Anyone who chooses to sell their online casino can not only play with their self-adjusted balance. But also receive an online casino welcome bonuses that includes the gaming fun that belongs once and of course, even if it is important.

Top 10 Online Casinos with Biggest Welcome Bonuses

4.7 / 5

$ 100 000 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

€2000 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

€ 2000 Welcome Bonus

4.3 / 5

$ 500 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

$ 500 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

$ 500 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

$ 500 Welcome Bonus

4.8 / 5

€ 300 Welcome Bonus

4.7 / 5

$ 1000 Welcome Bonus

4.5 / 5

€ 1000 Welcome Bonus

Online Casino Welcome bonuses – what is it?

This type of bonus is simply good form for online casinos. As the name suggests, you will be welcomed to the casino. You can use it to thoroughly test the games on offer. In this way, you can quickly find out which games you like and which you should probably ignore.

A welcome bonus can look very different. It is common for the casino to double the first deposit – or first deposits – which equates to a bonus amount of 100%. Some casinos also offer significantly larger bonuses, but you must always keep an eye on the conditions that are associated with these bonuses. These are not always that easy to meet.

The conditions mentioned are often about a minimum turnover that must be achieved with the bonus amount, but also partly with the deposited credit, so that you can ultimately have the credit paid out to your account.

Advantages and disadvantages of casino welcome bonuses

It is of course clear that the advantages clearly outweigh the advantages, but one should also be aware of the possible disadvantages. Only then will you as a player in the casino be able to make the right decision. Here is everything at a glance:

More ways to winBonus must first be implemented (Wagered)
Sometimes completely freeFree bonuses are on the small side
1st deposit bonus very profitableMax Bet Limitation

Best Online Casino Welcome Bonuses – Where Can You Find Them? never tire of explaining how to find the best Welcome Offers. On the one hand, you can do your own research and compare the respective figures. You can quickly find out which are pure decoy offers and which offers from which providers are perhaps a little better.

Finding the best online casino welcome bonuses

But Uncle Google can also be very helpful. Not all casino guides are available in German. So if you enter “Best Casino Welcome Bonuses” as the keyword, you should come across a lot of results that should also help you when it comes to either finding the best bonuses in the online casinos directly, or at least assessing them can.

These casino bonuses are offered

It is important that you do not forget to enter a bonus code when making your deposit, if you have one. If you forget that, you will definitely get angry afterwards. Now you know how to get a bonus. But it is certainly still interesting for you to find out which variants actually exist. The offers in online casinos are of course limitless as always. You will find these actions most often:

  • Deposit Bonus
  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Free spins – are available for deposits to the player account
  • No Deposit Free Spins
  • Cashback – for bets or any losses

Tiered wagering requirements

Another important point are the graduations, which determine which turnover applies to which percentage of which casino game. In most casinos, the turnover at the video slots counts entirely towards fulfilling the bonus conditions. In the case of table games, usually only a part applies and the live casino often not at all. Usually a graduation to meet the wagering requirements looks like this:

  • 100% video slots
  • 50% – table games
  • 3% – scratch cards
  • 0% – Live Casino


It can be said that every Online casino welcome bonus is worthwhile and you should claim it. As the saying goes: you don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. The wagering requirements shouldn’t stop you. Each bonus actually serves, whether with or without a deposit, that you can play a little for free. This way you have longer gaming fun in the casinos, such as with us on
Experienced players regularly check out the latest casino offers, and every new player should do the same.

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