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Where’s Roshtein gone?

On October 18, 2022, Twitch changed its rules to prohibit casino streams for several offshore cryptocasinos. And now many viewers of the streams are wondering where Roshtein is and if he will stream. We have […]

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Trainwreckstv – Liar, Actor and just a bad person

Trainwrecks is a notorious Twitch streamer who, for anyone outside of his core fanbase, is best known for going on a long-winded, misogynistic rant about female Twitch streamers earlier this year. But this is not […]

Daskelelele Fake
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Daskelelele – one more fake money streamer

Daskelelele – One of the fastest-growing online casino live stream channels of the past two years, Daskelelele is not a solo fake casino streamer. It’s actually two people, Jack and Phillip, who currently reside in […]

Classybeef Fake Streamers
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ClassyBeef – The invasion of bearded clowns

Have you ever heard about razors from Gillette? And here is a gang of 4 scammers who call themselves “ClassyBeef”, they think that the beard makes them men. But we know …. On the face […]

Knossi Casino Streamer
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Knossi – Famous German vomit from Nuthouse

Knossi (Jens Heinz Richard Knossalla) Most Popular streamer in Germany. So popular that it even has its own wikipedia page. Whoever does not love him and what he does, hates him. There is therefore hardly […]