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Various types of online casinos

There are completely different types of online casinos. They can be divided according to the preferences of the players. Someone likes to play with high stakes, someone with low ones, someone likes to play from a mobile phone, and someone only plays where there is no need to wait long until the winnings are paid. Everything is very individual – that’s why we decided to create several pages, dividing the casino according to different criteria. Below we present the most popular types of online casinos:

Online Casino Payment Options

Each online casino has dozens of ways to fund your account. Below we will post the most popular of them, but you can see the full list of payment methods on this page.


The term “crypto casinos” only came into being in the last few years and almost exclusively the casinos in which paying with cryptocurrencies works. Because we are big enthusiasts when it comes to cryptocurrencies, but at the same time have been active in the casino industry for a long time, the topic for this portal was created.

We want to compare the best crypto casinos for you, draw your attention to potential stumbling blocks and of course help. But first, our list of the most popular casinos with cryptocurrencies:


E-wallets are most popular Payment Methods for all Gamblers. There are two reasons for this!

  1. Very fast deposits and withdrawals. You can both instantly receive your winnings, you can also instantly make deposits with minimal commissions. Of course, if you are playing in the Online Casinos with fast withdrawals.
  2. Ease of use – And there is no need to say anything else here.

Credit/Debit Cards

It is unlikely that there are still people who do not use bank cards. Cash is less and less popular in developed countries because Bank cards are reliable, safe and convenient. That is why credit cards online casinos are among the most popular.

How We Rate Online Casinos

We guarantee you the honesty and reliability of all the casinos we recommend and are ready to defend the rights of our players. And so, you are in good hands!

By placing an online casino on our portal, we first of all care about the players! Ask why? Because we ourselves are the same players, and we don’t want to deal with all sorts of scams. We are not casino streamers who sell their audience left and right.))) As players, we advise other players to play only in Reputable online casinos. Here are a few of them:

4.8 / 5

€500 Welcome Bonus

4.7 / 5

$ 1000 Welcome Bonus

4.7 / 5

€100 Welcome Bonus

4.7 / 5

€300 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

$ 300 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

No Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

No Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

€2000 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

€100 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

€ 500 Welcome Bonus

As you understand, for a full test of any casino, you need to check a variety of criteria, the 5 most important of them you can see in every our review. As a percentage, we indicated the importance of each of them.

Our Online Casino Portal Goals

Online Casino Portal Goals

First of all, we want to share our experience with less experienced players. Access to our portal is completely free, which means that we do not take anything in return for our knowledge and best practices. Secondly, we want you to play only at the best online casinos that have passed all tests and checks.

Only by playing in serious online casinos you can be calm and confident. And finally, we, like any other webmasters, have income from everyone who registers at the casino using our links.

A whole team of trolls is working on our portal, and we will tell you not only about online casinos. Below you can find the latest news, guides and blogs.

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Every day something new happens in the online gambling industry! Whether it’s new releases, legalization news or just interesting events. We will cover all these events as quickly as possible and you will always be the first to know about everything. If you would like to read more news, you can visit our online casino news page. We think you do not need to be reminded – Who owns the information, he owns the world.


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Every seasoned online casino player has been a beginner once, right? It is for such people that we write our guides that will help them in the game. If you are an experienced player, then you can still use them too! For even more unique secrets and strategies you can visit the full list of online casino guides. Read, Get Smarter and Win! It’s that simple!

Gambling Blog

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Well, what site can do without its own blog? Anyone! But not Gambletroll.com, because we strive to be the best and most informative on the online casino market. In our blog, we will write only interesting and addictive posts that will be read in one go. Want more posts? – OK! Visit our Online Casino Blog!

Online Casinos: What Do They Offer You?

You will surely wonder which is better: playing in a local casino or in the online casino? We have got to the bottom of this question for you, as we cannot deny that both versions have their advantages and disadvantages. It depends a little on how you feel about it. If you like to be surrounded by like-minded people with whom you can chat, then the local casino is certainly the right place to go. In addition, it cannot be denied that the atmosphere there is unique, even if the operators of the virtual casinos try very hard to recreate it as best they can – keyword live casino.

As already mentioned, however, there are also some factors that clearly speak in favor of visiting an online casino. On the one hand, there is the significantly larger selection of games, extensive support from customer support and help pages, the ability to play and test the games for free, the various bonus offers and the continuous opening times. On the other hand, a definite plus point is the ability to access the online casino at any time, any place and from different devices. The payout percentages in online casinos are also usually higher.

Tips for registering in the online casino

Basically, most online casino providers make registration as uncomplicated as possible. After all, the player should not lose interest in playing when opening an account. In order to make the registration particularly tasty, good internet casinos on the web offer creative and generous welcome bonuses.

Registration in the online casino

The casino registration in 4 steps:

  1. Registration: The player visits the website of the online game library and clicks on the “Register” menu item. This won’t be difficult to find as gambling providers like to encourage new players to sign up. You then need to fill out an online form. In some cases there is a short registration, while other providers require a comprehensive registration. Don’t forget: sometimes online gaming libraries offer a no deposit bonus that only requires opening an account.
  2. Deposit: When there is a deposit bonus available it pays to deposit a little more to get the most out of the possibilities. When choosing the payment method, pay attention to possible fees as well as the deposit speed. In most cases, the deposited money is credited within a few seconds, so that the player can join immediately.
  3. Play: Good internet casinos ensure that there is a large selection of all kinds of games of chance available for every taste, every budget and every type of player. Winnings are instantly credited to the player’s account and are available for stakes. If you have an active bonus, you should pay attention to the sales weightings and sales requirements and, if necessary, adjust the selection of games accordingly.
  4. Payout: If the hunt for happiness is successful, you can expect substantial profits. If you have earned enough, you can have the money paid out. At the latest with the first payout, the player must prove his own identity in a reputable online casino. Depending on the provider, the payout period can vary between “immediately” and “in a few weeks”, so it is worthwhile to check the relevant regulations of the casino online providers.

What to do to protect yourself

Casino games safe and serious The most important thing is to reflect on and question your own gaming behavior again and again. Those who consciously deal with their own playing style run less of the risk of losing control. The easiest thing to do is to be honest with yourself and ask yourself a few simple questions.

protect yourself when playing in Online Casinos

Gambling should not be used to distract attention from one’s own problems or to block out negative feelings. Those affected can turn to special help offers on the Internet or to various contact points on site – the faster a gambling addiction is treated, the faster it can be overcome.

Know your limits!

Players should also establish rules for their own actions before starting to play. This includes setting time limits for your own play. It should also be clear before playing how much money a player wants to wager. Many good and reputable online casinos offer players the opportunity to set deposit and wagering limits for certain periods of time. Many payment providers also guarantee that certain payment limits are set.

And if none of that helps, all that remains is to exclude yourself from access to the casino for a while. This option is offered by all reputable and safe online casino providers.

Benefits of Online Gambling

The worldwide health pandemic has only strengthened the benefits of online gambling. Crowd control measures forced land-based casinos to slash floor occupancy to 50% or less with fewer table games available, mask-wearing mandates and a weaker social atmosphere during this new normal. Online gambling allows players to avoid large groups, save money on travel and lodging and take advantage of a super easy sign-up process, wide range of banking options and generous welcome bonuses.

Online Gambling Benefits

Without question, the most appealing feature of online gambling is the gaming options. From classic table games like blackjack, roulette and craps to high-definition slot games and video poker and specialty games like Keno, our recommended casinos have a little bit of everything for everyone. Plus, many of our top-rated gambling sites also feature multiple poker games and sports betting odds.

From the comfort of your own home or when on-the-go, our online casinos provide a safe and secure gaming environment that can be played on a personal computer or smartphone with a mobile experience that is second-to-none.

Online vs Offline Gambling

ComparisonOnline CasinoLand Based Casino
Travel Required?NoYes
Play Anywhere?Yes via MobileNo
Play Anytime?Yes, 24-7Some may have limited hours
Bonus Money OffersYes and FREE Spins No, typically player’s card
Multiple Deposit OptionsYes (i.e. Credit Cards, Bitcoin)No, primarily cash
FREE Play TutorialYes, on many slot gamesNo
Game Selection100’s of unique table and slotsLimited selection
SecurityState of the art personal & financial data encryption protects playerPit bosses protect the casino

Gambletroll’s Afterword – Online Gambling Can Harm You

Online Gambling

A game of chance is a game in which the winner is not determined by skill, but primarily by chance. Before the law, gambling is a games of money.

This is also the case with the lottery. Some people are so tempted by the idea of high winnings that they gamble frequently. You can even get addicted to it – and these addicts often gamble away all their money.

That is why there are laws that try to restrict gambling. For this reason, it is also prohibited for children to gamble for money.

Be careful while gambling!