credit check make sense for online gambling
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Does a credit check make sense for online gambling?

A well-known lobbying group for the UK gambling industry has already issued a warning against the credit check proposed by the UK gambling regulator. It is feared that players will migrate to the unregulated market. […]

set limits in online casinos
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How to set limits in online casinos

Land-based casinos and online casinos offer players the option of being excluded from the game voluntarily for a certain period of time or permanently. In casinos, a ban lasts at least one year. In online […]

shell game a game of chance
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Is the shell game a game of chance?

Not only in Berlin, but also in other German and European cities, shell players are now part of the street scene. Since many “locals” know that the shell game is a fraud, the dubious organizers […]

gambling always a health risk
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Is gambling always a health risk?

In this context, the Ärzteblatt also announced that they are planning a special commission for games of chance, which should start working soon. But what are the arguments of the British Ärzteblatt in favor of […]

Online Casino customer service
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How important is customer service in online casinos?

The importance of an easily accessible and competent customer service is shown far too late for many. But which contact options are particularly recommended and how should players proceed if nobody obviously wants to help […]

Gambling Market Europe
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Gambling Market Europe – Current Developments

According to a study by the EGBA (European Gaming and Betting Association) and H2 Gaming Capital, sales in the European gaming sector fell by almost a quarter in 2020. No question, the influences of COVID-19 […]

Gambling in Asia
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Gambling in Asia – live and online

With an area of 44.4 million km2, Asia is the largest continent on earth. Over 4 billion people live here, which means that Asia also has the largest population of all continents. 21 of the […]

Language and gambling addiction
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Language and gambling addiction – is there a connection?

Formal requirements were deliberately avoided. The first impressive findings of the pilot study have now been published. Can the formulations chosen actually show that a person suffers from gambling addiction? In the current study, researchers […]

Tips & tricks for playing in online casinos
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Tips & tricks for playing in online casinos

The machine games known as slot machines are also offered online. If you want to wager real money in the online casino and also win, you often ask yourself which tips and tricks you might […]

chances of winning in the online casino
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Your chances of winning in the online casino

Do players always have to bet high in order to have a chance of winning? How do online casinos and conventional casinos differ in terms of the chances of winning? Our team of experts has […]