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American Express is a credit card that you can also use for online payments. The popular American Express credit card is accepted and appreciated around the world and can also be used for deposits and withdrawals at some American Express casinos. We have put together the best providers for you with this banking method.

Best Online Casinos Accepting American Express

If your favorite online casino accepts American Express cards, you can use this method in the same way as you would for online purchases. Just enter the financial information and the amount of money you’d like to deposit. Once the operation is confirmed, you will have instant access to your contributed fund.

This is how Amex online payment works

Deposits in the online casino with American Express are particularly quick and easy. All you need is your card and the four-digit security code that was sent to you in the mail and you can transfer money to your casino account and play exciting casino games online for real money just moments later.

You can also use your card transactions to generate reward points that you can later use to pay for your credit card statement, for example. Win Amex withdrawals from the casino are unfortunately not yet possible as of 2021.

Online casino deposits with American Express

  1. Choose one of the American Express casinos we recommend and register a casino account.
  2. To deposit with your credit card for the first time, you must first register it. Various information is required for this, all of which can be found on the map.
  3. Once the card has been verified and accepted, you can continue with the actual deposit process. To do this, you have to enter the desired amount in euros and the three-digit security number of the card.
  4. To confirm the payment, all you have to do is enter your four-digit PIN and the sum in euros will be transmitted.
  5. Only a few seconds later, the desired amount is available in the online casino.

What are the disadvantages of the American Express payment method in online casinos?

While American Express is certainly a reputable company, there are a few downsides that affect the credit card. This includes:

  1. Not all casinos transfer customer winnings back to the credit card.
  2. If there is a payout, this can always be delayed a little.
  3. An online casino with American Express payout is not possible everywhere.
Amex Cards (American Express)

The difference between American Express and Visa

Currently, the Visa, Maestro and MasterCard credit cards are used much more frequently than the American Express card. The two companies are represented more than 25,000 times worldwide. But American Express is trying hard to expand its status and is getting closer to the two types of credit cards. If the American Express card is mentioned, there are only cards offered by the company itself.

Some About AmEx Cards

American Express, or AmEx for short, is one of the leading financial services companies and can look back on a tradition of more than a century and a half. During its long history, it has grown from a delivery service to one of the most powerful and widely used means of payment in the world, and is used in more than 130 countries, especially the United States.

The following cards can be used for private customers:

  • Blue Card
  • American Express Card
  • Gold Card
  • Platinum Card
  • PAYBACK American Express Card
  • dm PAYBACK American Express Card
  • PAYBACK GALERIA Kaufhof card from American Express
  • American Express BMW Card
  • Sixt American Express Card
  • Sixt American Express Card Gold

This looks a little different with Visa. Every bank offers its own Visa card. The only thing they have in common is the logo, which always appears the same.

If you want to know what the American Express card costs and what conditions are offered here, simply visit the provider’s website. Here is a very clear list of the individual cards with everything you should know about them.

The American Express card is being accepted more and more and still has significant advantages. Depending on the card type, the user receives upgrades, a personal service or free travel insurance.

Conclusion – Is American Express Casinos Safe?

Yes. Other channels have set up more or additional security levels, but that does not mean that Amex is not secure. As the owner of an American Express card, you have a global billion dollar company behind you. If American Express were unsafe, this company would no longer exist.

American Express opens up the world of online casinos to you with the support of a gigantic global corporation. The Amex card is known worldwide and is widely appreciated. When American Express became world famous, there were no online casinos. The internet didn’t even exist. Perhaps it is because some online casinos are unwilling to accept withdrawals using American Express.

That is the only annoyance when dealing with Amex. But it could be that the situation will improve in the near future.

American Express Casinos F.A.Q.

Where can I get an American Express credit card?

In contrast to MasterCard and Visa credit cards, American Express cards are not issued by a bank or a partner company. You can therefore only obtain the credit cards from American Express itself and apply for them on the bank’s website, for example.

In which casinos is the card accepted?

In the World there are only a few casinos on the Internet that accept the card. However, we have already done the research for you and found the top casino sites that allow you to pay with your credit card. You can find the recommended providers further up here on this page.

Are the payments safe?

Your money transfers to the casino are protected thanks to your personal PIN, which is requested for every payment and should only be known to you. There is also a 24/7 security team that monitors payments. In addition, if you fall victim to a fraudster, you are insured with your Amex card and get the money you lost back.

How can I cash out casino winnings if I have previously deposited with Amex?

Since American Express does not allow you to receive payments, you will need to use another Casino Payment options to withdraw your winnings. A Withdrawal to other Credit Cards is a good way of doing this. Alternatively, you can also use an e-wallet such as EcoPayz, Skrill or Neteller to withdraw your winnings.

Are there any good alternatives?

Visa and MasterCard credit cards are the better alternative to American Express payments. These cards are accepted in all World’s online casinos and even allow winnings to be paid out.

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