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Dogecoin is peculiar due to the fact that it is a cryptocurrency that was developed for fun. The fact that the coin is a mainstream cryptocurrency made it popular in gambling circles. Dogecoin casinos have been adding to the adoption of cryptocurrency in the past few years.

As in the case of bitcoin casinos, cryptocurrency casinos quickly won its place in gambling. There is no need to invent a new algorithm and use new technology. Circulation of digital media takes place in the same way. The difference between any new type of crypto casino is the speed of transaction processing and the format of the services offered.

Best Dogecoin Casinos – Top 10 by Gambletroll

The main aspect that websites use in their work is the accessibility of a game resource, absolute anonymity and ensuring customer safety. Best online casinos with Dogecoin can be viewed here:

4.5 / 5

€100 Welcome Bonus

4.5 / 5

$/€100 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

€100 Welcome Bonus

4.5 / 5

€ 1000 Welcome Bonus

4.4 / 5

€100 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

€2000 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

€ 2000 Welcome Bonus

4.4 / 5

€500 Welcome Bonus

4.3 / 5

€500 Welcome Bonus

What is Dogecoin: the history behind the dog’s head

Crypto trading can be exciting and fun at the same time. The Dogecoin value shows that this works. In the last few months in particular, the crypto currency with the dog’s head has grown many times over, so that the DOGE Coins are becoming interesting for more and more investors. The coin was introduced at the end of 2013.

However, the cryptocurrency was introduced as early as 2010. The level of awareness grew quickly, because until then there was no Internet currency that had such a high recognition value thanks to its logo. Initially, there was a real fun currency behind the Bitcoin alternative, which was launched by Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus.

Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus (DOGE Founders)

Nevertheless, more and more users wanted to buy Dogecoin quickly. Behind the cryptocurrency is a non-profit foundation headquartered in Colorado. The community is financed by donations. Compared to many other internet currencies, Dogecoin never pursued the goal of actually being considered commercially as a payment alternative.

Where can you buy Dogecoin? Dogecoin wallet required for direct purchase

If you want to buy Dogecoin or invest in another internet currency, a wallet is required. After buying the cryptocurrency, the purchased coins are transferred to the wallet and managed there until they are sold or used.

There are different ways in which users can run a wallet. You can choose between the online or offline wallet – also known as “hot” or “cold” storage. The online wallet is often even offered by the platforms where users buy Dogecoin.

Dogecoin Wallet

The advantage: They are quickly to hand and mostly free of charge. Since they immediately access the Internet when buying a DOGE to transfer the coins, hackers can exploit alleged vulnerabilities and crack the wallet and steal coins.

In the past there were media reports of stolen coins amounting to millions. The alternative are offline wallets. These are available as hardware or paper wallets.

Due to the lack of an internet connection, they offer more security and are therefore suitable for larger amounts of crypto.

Fact check

You can buy Dogeocoin directly from various platforms, but you need a wallet. How to buy Dogecoin if you don’t want to? There are alternatives in the form of CFDs.

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What is a Dogecoin Casinos?

This is essentially any casino that allows DOGE, the Dogecoin cryptocurrency, to deposit and withdraw. This means that this is one of the coins that is accepted at the casino for players to use to bet. Usually such casinos accept other forms of payment as well. However, we are researching the use of Dogecoin for gambling because of its many features and advantages such as low price, entertainment theme, fat transactions and many more.

Dogecoin Casino Games

You would be wondering what games are available to play with Dogecoin. Here are some of the most popular that you will see among the gambling sites where deposits and withdrawals can be made with DOGE.


This game requires a lot of strategy and skill, although luck also plays an important role in winning. This five-card game has several variations in which the player can discard one card at a time to get a better hand. Dogecoin Poker is not as popular as Blackjack, for example, but there are still some casinos that offer it.

Slot machines

The simplicity of the slot is why every Dogecoin casino hosts it. The slot involves spinning a wheel in the hopes that the paylines line up in a way that results in winning combinations. These can be numbers, alphabets or symbols. Slots could be used in progressive jackpot games. This makes them very popular among gamblers. Just like most casinos cannot do without the slots, dogecoin casinos also offer this very popular game.

Dice games

The payout for dice games depends on the probability of the occurrence of the event. If it is low, the payout is higher than if it is high. In dice games, a six-sided die is rolled. In some games it can be two. Several Dogecoin casinos offer dice games.


Blackjack is a game you wouldn’t rule out anywhere where gamblers congregate. A table game that is about beating the dealer by getting a score as close as possible to the number 21, it is not surprising that many Dogecoin casinos offer blackjack.


Roulette has traditionally been a block and mortar casino game. With the advent of digital currencies, there are many online casinos that offer roulette for players. Spinning the wheels is commonplace in Dogecoin casinos. The possible stakes are red or black, a certain number and high or low.

Dogecoin Casino Bonuses

We are more than sure that every player is offered a variety of attractive casino bonuses every day and the bonus offers from Dogecoin Casinos are no exception. Whenever you feel the temptation to take advantage of this or that online casino bonus, it speaks in favor of a particular casino that does a great job of designing it. One must always remember that the ultimate goal of any bonus is to attract new players to the gambling house.
It’s a first-hand marketing tool. So before you get excited about the next online casino Dogecoin bonus, let’s summarize the basic bonus features and restrictions again. The most common types of bonuses are listed below:

Deposit bonus

This is a sum of money presented to the new online casino customer who makes the very first real money deposit. Since “the very first” can only occur once, the casinos are rich in bonus rates that are over 200% and more. To illustrate the mechanism of the deposit bonus, let’s assume you have deposited 50,000 Dogecoins and request the welcome bonuses of 200%. As a result, you get 150,000 Dogecoins in your account to play Dogecoin Casino Slots. Impressive what?

No deposit bonus

As can be seen from the title, no deposit casino bonuses does not require any money deposit on the part of the player. Typically, such bonuses are rewarded through the organization of lotteries or special events on a more random basis. The special deposit bans can also be designed in such a way that important milestones (e.g. the birthday of the online casino) are celebrated. The bonus itself may not always come in the form of cash – free spins bonus offers are also likely.

Referral bonus

The bonus offers advantages to those players who bring new customers to the online casino. Such an offer becomes active when the friend referred by the player has registered in the system and made a deposit.
Never underestimate the importance of wagering requirements when it comes to bonus restrictions. 99% of casinos including Dogecoin casinos pay bonuses and that’s fine.

Even so, cheesy casinos will likely have 20x wagering requirements, which means that you need to have a 20x larger total betting pool than the bonus you just received in order to cash out. Imagine you have received a bonus of 250,000 Dogecoins. With that in mind, we emphasize the importance of checking the bonus T & Cs in advance so as not to spoil this blissful bonus excitement. Good luck!


Dogecoin has become a close competitor to the giants of the cryptocurrency landscape. Perhaps part of that popularity is due to their strategy of using a popular internet meme as the currency’s namesake and mascot. However, Dogecoin’s popularity is also in large part due to the fact that it gives users a safe and anonymous cryptocurrency that works consistently. For those who are avidly playing cryptocurrencies online, it would be advisable to try Dogecoin as it will likely improve their game.

All in all, Dogecoin should be valued for how popular and revered it has become given its difficult starting conditions. Her rise tells a great story about how hard work, dedication to great service, and a bit of humorous luck can come together to create a great user experience. Dogecoin has grown strong enough to hold its own against industry giants like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, and it seems they are not resigning anytime soon.

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