Online casinos with a high chances of winning

Of course, every player is looking for an online casino with high chances of winning, because with all the fun it should of course also be about winning money. So that you can spend more time playing, I have put together the top 10 online casino payout percentages for you. These providers not only have a low house edge but also performed well above average in our detailed test.

In the further course of Gambletroll’s experience report, I will also give you a lot of useful information on the subject of Return to Player (RTP) and tell you the casino game with the highest chance of winning for an optimal online casino payout. This will give you a position that will help you find an online casino. I also dealt intensively with the payout percentages of the games and their developers.

So you can already look forward to the detailed payout rates of many casino games. Furthermore, I dealt with the house advantage and finally created an FAQ area with the most frequently asked questions for you.

The online casinos with the best payout ratio

In the following table you will find the online casinos with the best chances of winning. I am referring to the average return to player value of the casino. Since the offer of the pages changes again and again, the value will fluctuate by a few percentage points.

However, since these are established online casinos, the movements will not be drastic. I will still try to keep the list of online casinos with a high chance of winning as current as possible.

Casinos with the best payout percentages

4.5 / 5

$500 Welcome Bonus

4.5 / 5

$500 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

$100 Welcome Bonus

4.5 / 5

$100 Welcome Bonus

4.8 / 5

$500 Welcome Bonus

4.4 / 5

$500 Welcome Bonus

4.7 / 5

$1000 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

$1500 Welcome Bonus

4.6 / 5

$600 Welcome Bonus

No matter which games you prefer, a look at the payout rates is always worthwhile. I recommend you take a look at Online casinos with a high chances of winning according to different categories. Below I have listed our favorites for you:

Casinos in the test50+ (Full list of online Casinos)
Best payout percentages bonusArgo Casino
Without starting creditEgo Casino
Bonus CodePlayamo Casino
Largest games selectionWoo Casino
Best For HighrollersMrBit Casino
Best payout percentages softwareExplosino Casino
Latest Payout Odds CasinosIvi Casino
Live Payout Odds Casino22 Bet Casino
Most popular payment methodFrank Casino
Best payout percentages app888 Casino

In addition to the online casinos, I have also selected and tested the top software for your payout rates, which is the fastest and safest payment method EcoPayz.

You should pay attention to this at an online casino with the best payout ratio

When we evaluate chances of winning in an online casino, we naturally apply the same criteria for the best online casinos in the World that I use in all test reports. Here I will focus even more on the games and chances of winning. I will explain the specifics to you and show you what is important.

I have to point out to you that this is a game of chance and therefore no winnings are guaranteed. Even so, we can increase our chances of winning. To do this, we should play with a safe and trustworthy provider and make sure that there are casino games on offer that inherently have a high payout rate. So pay attention to the following points:

  • RTP values of the slots
  • Lucrative baccarat odds
  • Very good blackjack payout rates
  • Checking the payout rates
  • Top Roulette RTP Values
  • Games with low RTP values
  • RTP values of other casino games

High payout percentages on slots

The majority of the titles in choosing a casino on the Internet make up the online slot machines. The advantage over their analogue relatives from the game library is the significantly higher payout ratio. This is around 60% on the machine in the gaming hall, online casino chances of winning slots are far higher.

In online casinos, the RTP value is between 92% and an incredible 98%. While there are some older outliers that have payout percentages below 90%, these are offered for nostalgic reasons. You can round off and complete the game selection.

Online Slots with the best payout percentages

SlotVendorRTP %House Edge
Blood SuckersNetEnt98%2%
Big Bad WolfMicrogaming97,35%2,65%
White RabbitBig Time Gaming97,30%2,70%
Medusa 2NextGen97,07%2,93%
Age of EgyptPlaytech97,05%2,95%
Wild SwarmPush Gaming97,03%2,97%
Sinbad’s Golden VoyagePlaytech97,01%2,99%
Reel RushNetEnt97%3%
Wild GamblerPlaytech97%3%
Jack HammerNetEnt97%3%
9K Yeti4ThePlayer97%3%
Immortal RomanceMicrogaming96,86%3,14%
Spinata GrandeNetEnt96,84%3,16%

A special form of slot machines are progressive jackpot slots. A small percentage is thrown into a common pot here that all players of the slot can hope for. As a result, the payout ratio for jackpot slots is between 89% and 95%. Please note that the jackpot is excluded from this. Different payout rates apply to this.

Roulette: very high online casino payout ratio

Despite the high payout ratio, roulette remains a game of chance and is subject to the principle of chance. By consistently playing and using roulette strategies, you can maximize your chances of winning. With this game, the payout rates in casinos correspond to those of the best roulette casinos on the Internet.

This is due to the structure of the game, because the 37 pockets of European and 38 pockets of American roulette result in certain winning probabilities. The European variant has a house edge of 2.7%, which corresponds to a payout rate of 97.3%.

Roulette games with the best payout rates

Roulette GameVendorRTP %House edge
Premium French RoulettePlaytech98,65%1,35%
French Roulette La PartagePlay’n GO98,65%1,35%
Klassisches RoulettePlaytech98,65%1,35%
Premier RouletteMicrogaming97,70%2,30%
Penny RoulettePlaytech97,70%2,30%
Multi Wheel RouletteMicrogaming97,70%2,30%
Premium Roulette ProPlaytech97,70%2,70%
Pinball RoulettePlaytech97,30%2,70%
Deal or No Deal RoulettePlaytech97,30%2,70%
3D RoulettePlaytech97,30%2,70%
Roulette AdvancedNetEnt97,30%2,70%
NewAr RoulettePlaytech97,30%2,70%
European Roulette ProPlay’n GO97,30%2,70%
3D Premium RoulettePlaytech97,30%2,70%
Premium European RoulettePlaytech97,30%2,70%
Roulette MasterNextGen97,30%2,70%

Games with an additional double zero pocket have a slightly lower chance of winning. I therefore recommend that you avoid this variant and use the French variant. Best of all with the La Partage rule, where you do not lose the entire stake should the zero fall.

Blackjack: the casino game with the highest chance of winning

To play in the online casinos with a high chances of winning, you should definitely take a seat at a blackjack table. It is the casino game with the highest chance of winning. Payout percentages of up to 98.8% are possible here, so the house edge is a little more than 1%.

The best blackjack casinos offer you different variants that differ in the blackjack rules. Additional rules, insurance and side bets increase the fun of the game, but in no way increase the chances of winning.

Blackjack games with the best payout rates

Blackjack GamesVendorRTP %House Edge
Classic Blackjack GoldMicrogaming99,91%0,09%
Blackjack SwitchPlaytech99,87%0,13%
Red Queen Blackjack1×2 Gaming99,80%0,20%
6 in 1 BlackjackFelt99,80%0,20%
Vegas Single Deck BlackjackMicrogaming99,69%0,31%
Blackjack VIP MultihandiSoftBet99,65%0,35%
Blackjack SurrenderPlaytech99,65%0,35%
Vegas Strip BlackjackMicrogaming99,65%0,35%
Vegas Strip Blackjack GoldMicrogaming99,65%0,35%
Perfect Pairs BlackjackFelt99,63%0,37%
Suit’em Up BlackjackFelt99,63%0,37%
21 + 3 BlackjackFelt99,63%0,37%
Lucky Lucky BlackjackFelt99,63%0,37%
Lucky Ladies BlackjackFelt99,63%0,37%
European Blackjack GoldMicrogaming99,60%0,40%

You can only achieve the best payout percentages in the online casino if you forego any additional stakes and stick to an optimal game according to the table.

High chances of winning at Baccarat

Baccarat is also one of the casino games with a high RTP. The chance of winning results from the expected values for a favorable and an unfavorable result. Since you are betting on whether the player or the bank will win, the house advantage results from what happens in the event of a tie. Since this rarely happens, the payout rate is over 98%.

Good chances of winning at bingo

Bingo has also become a popular casino game. Even if it is not a classic game, number typing is popular because you can also play here in the online casino with a high chance of winning.

Similar to slots, online bingo moves in a range of 94% to 96% return to player (RTP). The additional functions offered are also similar to slot machines: you will find multipliers, free spins and bonus rounds here. They add even more variety to the game.

Average RTP on scratch cards

Scratch cards, as they are called in most casinos, belong more to the category of arcade games. So they also have a payout rate of around 90%. Most players are also looking for a pastime when playing online scratch cards rather than the really big winnings.

Since in many casinos this game fully contributes to the fulfillment of the wagering requirements of the welcome bonus, it is worth taking a look.

Sic Bo: dice game with very good RTP

Sic Bo is a popular dice game in online casinos. With payout rates of over 97%, this can also be a rewarding experience for the player. The online casino with the best payout ratio for this game can be found in my article about online Sic Bo play.

In addition to the virtual tables, the dice game is also offered in the best Evolution Gaming live casinos. A game that is becoming more and more popular and is also gaining popularity.

Best payout percentages in the online casino with dice

Craps is probably the most popular dice game in the Online casinos with a high chances of winning. The most common variants come from software manufacturers such as Playtech and Microgaming. The Playtech variant has an incredibly high chance of winning with an RTP of 99.53%. Other variants such as Microgaming’s Vegas Craps are 96.92% or 98.64% for a Betsoft title.

In addition to the classic blackjack, this is the casino game with the highest chance of winning. So playing online craps is always a worthwhile affair.

Very good payout percentages in Keno

Playing keno online is now part of a visit to the casino. The popularity of the arcade game is not least due to the fact that you can play here in the online casino with a high chance of winning. The entertaining pleasure offers you return to player values ​​(RTP) of over 98%, which is also due to the different rules and variants.

In contrast to blackjack: it can be worthwhile to play with additional functions in keno. Classic Keno is the lower end with a 92% payout rate.

Video Poker – best online casino payout percentages

Video poker machines are strictly considered slots and just like their popular relatives, the range of online casino chances of winning is quite large. The RTP values ​​range from just under 90% to an incredible 99.92% and are thus even higher than with slot machines.

Online video poker in the casino must not be confused with online poker or casino poker, only the card images have the games in common. They serve as symbols in the video poker machines that rotate on the reels.

How do I avoid low payout percentages?

All of the real money casinos I tested have an average RTP of over 92%. One of my selection criteria that goes into the evaluation of a provider is the fairness of the game selection. For nostalgic reasons, there are sure to be older titles whose payout ratio in the casino is not the highest.

But that shouldn’t be the rule. I’ve put together a few examples of poor casino game payout rates for you. If you try your luck with these titles anyway, be aware that you are not playing in the online casino with the highest payout percentage.

Casino games with the worst RTP values

Casino GameRTP % (Return to Player)
Mega Moolah88,12%
Volcano Eruption90,43%
Irish Eyes 290,71%
Foxin’ Wins90,72%
Classic Keno92,44%
1000 Diamond Bet Roulette93,75%
Keno Universe94,48%
Game of Thrones 243 Ways94,86%
Monkey Keno94,90%
Trump It Blackjack Single Deck95,52%

So it is worth taking a look at the payout percentages of the games. Still, it’s all up to luck whether you win or lose. Of course, you can also land the big hit in a game with low RTP values.

Other important test criteria

In addition to the evaluation basis for providers with high payout rates, there are of course other test criteria. These points represent the basic structure for a top online casino. Only when I have checked them beyond any doubt can I recommend these Internet gambling halls to you. Nothing works without a license! You must have a valid EU gaming license.

This confirms that this provider attaches great importance to security, data and player protection. In addition, the bonus offers must be very fair with moderate wagering requirements. I also check customer service, payment methods and the casino’s mobile app. Only when all the points have been met can I deal with the best payout percentages.

The basics of the payout percentages

In addition to the fact that you can of course search for the best payout percentages in casinos that suit you, it is also essential that you know the most important terms on the subject of RTP values and understand their meaning. I will go into this further below. I answer frequently asked questions about payout percentages below.

The difference between the payout percentage and the house edge
The online casino payout rate indicates how much of the deposited money is paid out to the player. This value, known as Return to Player (RTP), does not refer to the individual, but is determined from a large number of actual payouts. All the games presented here are games of chance that are subject to chance. There is no guarantee that you will win. The house edge is the remainder that is left over and denotes the casino’s profit that it has to use to cover its costs.

How is the payout ratio determined in the casino?

Basically, we differentiate between a programmed payout rate that is controlled by a random number generator (RNG). This is the theoretical RTP of the machine games. This as well as the payout percentages of the casino games are checked by independent test laboratories by evaluating a high number of actual payouts. The following third-party providers are some of the best-known test centers:

  1. eCOGRA
  2. TST
  3. GLI
  4. BMM
  5. iTechLabs
  6. SQS
  7. Quinel
  8. NMi

5 tips to play in the online casino with a high chance of winning

So far I have presented you with the payout percentages of the individual games and recommended an online casino with a high chance of winning here and there. In addition, you now know where you can find the payout rates of the games and have received more information on the subject. Nevertheless, I would like to give you 5 simple tips on how to improve your online casino chances of winning.

Play on young casino sites

Logo with the inscription new casinos In my our of the Online casinos with a high chances of winning 2021 you will find the latest titles on offer with high payout percentages to attract new players. You have to assert yourself against the established competition and come up with something. Usually they also have good bonus offers. It is important that the provider is serious and safe, and that he has a valid EU license.

Play classic casino games

Roulette, cards and slot machine symbols. Blackjack and roulette in particular have very high RTP values. But the payout rates of baccarat or craps can also be seen. The table game classics have been around for a very long time. In classic roulette there is a fixed number of numbers that can fall and the number of cards in a deck of cards is also fixed. With this, probabilities are given.

No side bets

Two casino chips. Even if it is a special attraction, you should avoid side bets, risk games or insurance as far as possible. Side bets can of course drive a profit even higher. However: They reduce the RTP values ​​and thus the probability of winning.

Stick to strategies

A closed safety lock. Consistent playing according to the table in blackjack or a good betting strategy in roulette can increase the payout percentage. Regardless of which game you use a strategy in, it is always important to stick to it consistently and not deviate. In general, the following applies: even a game system or strategy is no guarantee of profits.

Only play at licensed online casinos

Symbol for the security check of the providers. Make sure that the casino site meets the security requirements. Play at verified online casinos to avoid fraud. This point is very important. The online casino must have a valid gaming license and meet the security standards. This is the only way to guarantee fairness and reliability.

Conclusion about Online casinos with a high chances of winning

Of course, many players ask themselves: “At which online casino can you really win money?”. Despite all the restrictions that I have to make in the answer, I can say: It is a game of chance, but you can make sure to choose the best payout percentages in the online casino, avoid mistakes and thus maximize your chances of winning.

If you follow my advice and tips on payout percentages, you can also play everyone in the online casino with a high chance of winning. It can definitely be really worth it.

It is important, however, that you understand that profits are in no way guaranteed. The casino game with the highest chance of winning also has a house edge. Also note that the details of the payout percentages in the casino always refer to all players. With an RTP of 98% you get back after you have deposited 100 €.

Online casinos with a high chances of winning – FAQ

Finally, in my FAQ section, I will not only answer the most frequently asked questions, but also those that will make your start into the world of online casinos with the best payout percentages easier.

Which is the online casino with the best payout percentage?

Not sure which game you will choose yet? Then I recommend you to take a look at my test winners. There I have divided the virtual gambling halls into categories and only selected those that have the best payout percentages.

What is the house edge in an online casino?

As in the land-based game libraries, there is also a house advantage in the online casinos. This indicates how high the operator is. If the game has a payout rate of 98%, then the house advantage from the provider is just 2%.

Are there any games with low RTP values?

Not all casino games can shine with lucrative payout rates, which is why I’ve made a list of games with low payout percentages for you. Some titles even have a value below 90%. Since these are mostly slots with progressive jackpots, they have other advantages that you should also use.

Are the payout rates fair at an online casino?

A regular check of the RTP values ​​is of the utmost importance for you as a player, but also a requirement of the responsible regulatory authority. But I can assure you that there is no online casino fraud with my tested providers.

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