The biggest mistakes novice gamblers make

Inexperienced gambling fans in particular often make the same mistakes in online gaming libraries and online casinos. Sometimes it's the seemingly uncontrollable greed, sometimes it's superstitious thinking. But there are other mistakes that beginners in particular make. Today we want to introduce the biggest mistakes and errors.

mistakes novice gamblers

Of course, even the most inexperienced casino player knows that despite good preparation and responsible gaming behavior, there are no sure winnings. After all, the definition of gambling already shows that the “course is largely determined by chance”. Nonetheless, there are avoidable mistakes that are mostly made by beginners, but sometimes also by advanced players.

Mistake 1: Tireless greed

By definition, greed is understood to be a “fierce, unbridled desire aimed at enjoyment, possession and the fulfillment of desires”. In fact, on closer inspection, such a desire can be observed in not so few players.

Greed is particularly dangerous for gamblers. Why? Very simple: it is tireless and mostly uncontrollable. Anyone who has once made a larger profit has the desire to earn even higher profits. A calculation that cannot work out. For this reason, casino players should definitely secure any winnings they have earned by finding the “Payout” button after a major win and not canceling the requested payout afterwards.

Mistake 2: “chasing after” losses

Under no circumstances is it a good idea to try to “make up” for any losses you have already suffered. For example, if you have set yourself a limit of 50 euros and have completely lost this amount, you should not think about whether you can “win back” the money you have already lost with your next deposit. If it doesn’t work, it just doesn’t work. Next time things may be better.

In line with this, a personal limit should of course be set before each game session. At most online game libraries and online casinos, a daily, weekly or monthly limit can even be entered in the settings. Under no circumstances should the previously set limit be exceeded.

Mistake 3: emotions and stimulants

An absolute rookie mistake that is underestimated by many gamers is consuming alcoholic beverages or narcotics while playing. Ideally, you should always play completely sober. This means that after going to a pub you shouldn’t get the idea at home to make a deposit in the online game library while you are drunk. A loss of control would then be inevitable.

In addition, gambling should also be avoided in emotional situations. After a separation, a job loss or a bereavement among friends or family, you should not play online or offline under any circumstances. Even if you’ve just had a bad day, it’s not a good idea to try gambling to improve your mood. That could go wrong.

Mistake 4: being superstitious

Those who are superstitious believe that black cats bring bad luck. Such a statement cannot of course be substantiated with rational arguments. This is why it is utter nonsense to believe in certain systems or to be generally superstitious when gambling online. It is absolutely not decisive for the success of the game to switch between different slot machines again and again or to vary the bet size.

Ultimately, math cannot be defeated. This means that in the long run at the latest, the average payout ratio of a casino game will also be reflected in your personal balance sheet. It is therefore also advisable to stop in the middle of a lucky streak and leave the virtual gaming room. Because if you keep playing, the bottom line is that you may lose more. Try out Online Casinos with highest RTP.

Mistake 5: Playing in the “wrong” casino

Beginners in particular tend to register with the first available gambling provider and play here. Although it would of course be much more sensible to find an online casino that is suitable for your individual priorities as part of a short comparison. Of course, the selected provider should also have a valid gaming license from a renowned gaming authority. Most Popular Licenses:

Furthermore, especially as a new customer, it naturally makes sense to use the respective welcome offer as part of the first deposit. But even inexperienced players now know that bonus offers can be lucrative, especially as a new customer. Sometimes a no deposit bonus is even offered today.


In today’s review, we’ve rounded up the five most common mistakes that novice casino players on the internet should definitely avoid. Of course, this list is not exhaustive; it is only intended to provide a rough overview of the errors that are made particularly frequently. We would of course be very grateful for feedback on the “beginner’s mistakes” described by us, as well as for other mistakes that, in your opinion, must be avoided.

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