Relax Gaming introduces Relax Apex

Relax Gaming aims to revolutionize casino content delivery and transform front-end integration with the introduction of the Relax Apex integration overlay.

Relax Gaming introduces Relax Apex

Designed to simplify content for its partners to get to market faster, Relax Apex is the result of the fragmented challenges in today’s regulatory environment.

Relax transforms front-end integration with Relax Apex

Relax Apex was launched in response to the increasingly fragmented challenges currently emerging in the regulatory environment and promises to significantly reduce operators’ quality assurance and compliance efforts.

As a real game changer, the novelty from Relax will offer its partners and operators a scalable front-end overlay that enables faster time to market without regulatory obstacles.

Relax Apex enables automated and user-defined integration into the list of all studio partners of the provider and at the same time offers access to the advertising suite.

Relax Apex paves the way for automated and custom integrations into the provider’s list of studios and also provides access to the advertising suite. With just one overlay, Relax Apex ensures full compliance with a wide variety of developers and games.

In other words, this aggregation overlay aims to simplify content, reduce review requirements, and reduce myriad review procedures from game to game to one.

Relax Gaming prides itself on its accomplishments

Simon Hammon, CPO at Relax Gaming commented, “Relax Apex is truly a game changer – as a company known for our technological architecture, we are extremely proud of what we have achieved with it.

Simon Hammon Relax Gaming CPO

Not only does it provide a tool for overcoming these complex challenges, but it is also a living product that will constantly evolve.

Our main goal for Relax Apex is to reduce the fragmentation the industry is currently suffering from and it not only provides a tool to address these complex challenges but is also a living product that will constantly evolve to meet any changes in the To meet the future.

It offers symmetry of all content and gives operators and partners the freedom to focus on running their businesses effectively.

Relax Gaming offers over 2,000 casino games to Online Casinos.
In total, Relax Gaming offers over 2,000 casino games to its partners around the world, including online slots from its in-house studios, as well as a collection of content aggregated through its Silver Bullet and Powered By Relax partnership programs.

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