US election 2024: Bookmakers offer first bets

The new US President of the United States, Joseph "Joe" Robinette Biden, was only sworn in on January 20, 2021, but some resourceful bookmakers are already offering betting offers for the next US election in 2024. A "Trump comeback" does not seem to be really ruled out for those responsible. You can actually bet that Donald Trump will be US President again.

US election 2024

After the former US President Donald Trump announced a few weeks ago in an interview with the US broadcaster Fox News that he would not rule out a comeback in the next US election, the betting providers reacted promptly. In some cases, bets can already be placed on the winner of the next US election.

Betting odds for “Trump Comeback” are up to 8.00

At the moment, betting providers do not consider a comeback for ex-President Donald Trump to be very likely. One does not want to rule out a re-election of the controversial former president either. In any case, some bookmakers offer a betting odds of up to 8.00 for Trump’s victory in the next US election in 2024. So if you are currently betting 100 euros on the “Trump victory”, for example, you can theoretically clear up to 800 euros. In the previous US election in 2020, we reported on how a Briton bet on the Biden victory and made a million profit.

Donald Trump is not only a politician, but also an entrepreneur and entertainer. He was born in New York in 1946 and was arguably the most controversial US president in the country’s history from 2017 to 2021. Trump campaigned for the legalization of gambling in New York early on. In the further course Trump acquired a license for three casinos in Atlantic City and operated, among other things, the “Trump Plaza Hotel & Casino”.

The most likely re-election of the current US President Joe Biden is currently for the betting providers. The betting odds are given as 4.00. According to the betting providers, the incumbent Vice President Kamala Harris has no bad chances of an election victory in 2024 with odds of 4.50. Nimrate “Nikki” Halley are also currently in the race for the White House, at least for the betting providers (odds: 11, 00) and former Vice President Mike Pence (14.00).

In an interview with the Fox presenter Sean Hannity, Donald Trump commented on a possible candidacy in the US election in 2024, but covered. “I say so much: I think very carefully, more than precisely. (…) “. Regardless of the current information, it doesn’t really seem to make sense as a betting customer to place your bet for the US election in 2024. It will be several years before the election campaign and there is still no telling how the United States will develop politically in the future.

The global gaming group Entain (formerly GVC Holdings) told Agence France-Press that they had already expected a betting volume of up to 1.1 billion euros in the 2020 US election.


At least many betting providers do not consider a re-election of the polarizing US President Donald Trump to be ruled out. After the interview, in which Trump does not completely exclude a candidacy for the US election in 2024, they offer betting odds of up to 8.00 for a “Trump victory”. Until then, however, the 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, still has the opportunity to prove himself as head of state.


  1. But it is not so blatant that some betting providers also offer bets that Biden does not manage to survive this period, for example by dying earlier? How quickly the bookmakers react to a statement from Trump is violent. Otherwise I would like to see Trump again as president, because Facebook has now decided that he will remain blocked for life and Twitter has also blocked him forever. It would be interesting to see if he would be able to really hurt these corporations as the new president. You know when Trump was really mad at someone, he reacted very harshly and you can see how intimidated the Republicans are. A few days ago, Liz Cheney from this party criticized Trump and that he should never be president again. There was a short trial and she was kicked out. Trump, of course, welcomed that very much, but it shows how submissive this party is to Trump. It all remains very exciting.

  2. So that joe biden will be elected again, I think it’s unlikely. I mean: how old would he be then? 179?
    and the trump will be present again …. phew. everything would probably be better. a gorilla for example. however, I fear that if he actually ran again, he would also be elected. creepy imagination.
    in general, I find betting on election results kind of funny. although the market in germany would probably be fairly manageable. But that would be due to the fact that snore bags tend to go into the race in this country, and the election campaign is rather unspectacular. so compared to the USA.

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