RTL is canceling the late night show with Knossi

The TV dream has burst: After the ratings of its late night show "Daily freshly roasted" could not convince for a longer period, RTL pulls the emergency brake and puts the TV show hosted by Jens Knossalla ("Knossi") after the second season. Now the self-proclaimed “King of the Internet” is returning to the streaming business. But will there be gambling streams with fake money again soon?

RTL is canceling the late night show with Knossi

The former casino streamer “Knossi” entered the TV business in November 2020 and initially hosted the late night show “Daily freshly roasted” on RTL as a guest presenter. In the second season, Jens Knossalla took over the entire moderation. The show was produced by Raab TV and can be seen on RTL and on the video-on-demand provider TVNOW. Unfortunately, the TV show did not achieve the desired quota level, so that RTL ultimately decided to cancel the program again.

“Knossi” reacts emotionally to his TV off

The 34-year-old Jens Knossalla has already hosted various TV formats such as the late night show by “Pokerstars”. However, his dream was to be able to host his own TV show. The entertainer from Baden-Württemberg was visibly happy to be able to host the late-night show “Freshly Roasted Every Day” from the second season onwards. Now the setback: RTL announces that they want to crush the TV show after the second season. At the end of his last show, “Knossi” gave a speech of thanks and was visibly moved to tears. Among other things, it says in his farewell speech:

“Thanks to RTL. To the entire team (…) Thank you for staying loyal to me throughout the journey, for accompanying me and we will surely see each other again at some point. For now I’m going back to where I came from. “

A total of 41 episodes of the late night show were produced. Several months ago we asked ourselves in an article whether Knossi is successful with his TV career. Even at that time, the ratings were not convincing – now RTL was probably forced to act. In a recently released video, Knossi gives a behind-the-scenes look at the show:

Bad ratings are decisive

RTL officially thanks the successful entertainer for his commitment. Behind the scenes, however, it seems that they were not satisfied with the success of the late night show. After over a million viewers were tuned in at the start of the second season, it became fewer and fewer over time. Most recently, an average of around 600,000 TV viewers tuned in. When the broadcast on April 27, 2021 even less than 500,000 viewers tuned in. Far too little for a broadcaster like RTL. For comparison: an established TV format like “RTL Aktuell” reaches more than three million viewers every day.

Jens Knossalla was born on July 7, 1986 in Malsch, Baden-Württemberg. The self-proclaimed “King of the Internet” has mainly achieved fame as one of Online Casino Streamers. The 34-year-old currently has more than 1.6 million followers here.

Are casino streams coming back now?

The entertainer seems to have quickly put away the quota bankruptcy of his late night show. He devotes himself seamlessly to his core competence – the streaming business. For example, “Knossi” recently announced the “Medieval Camp 2021” with his rapper buddy Sido. We last reported on Knossi’s Christmas camp last December.

Many “Knossi” fans ask themselves after the TV cut, whether they can expect the 34-year-old to watch the 34-year-old stream again soon. The answer is no. In his video statement, he made it unmistakably clear that “a crazy time is coming to an end”. We previously reported that Knossi is ending its casino streaming. Furthermore, he made the following statement in January 2021:

“There is no way around it. At some point I want to leave this world with a good feeling. And that’s why I decided (…) that there will be no more casino streams on this channel from this year (…) “


It was only at the beginning of the year that RTL made the 34-year-old entertainer’s dream come true with his own late night show. Now, a few months later, the dream has burst again. Despite intensive efforts, neither the TV icon Stefan Raab’s production company nor the presenter himself managed to inspire the TV audience. The result was permanently low audience ratings, which RTL no longer wants to afford. With this, “Knossi” is leaving the TV stage, at least for the time being, and is returning to the streaming business. After his last video statement, however, no further casino streams are to be expected. It remains to be seen whether Knossi can build on old successes with his other streams.


  1. Which I am more wondering will he show casino again?

    At that time I had the feeling that he did not decide on his own not to show any more casinos. I thought more of RTL according to the motto that doesn’t come out well, leave it or what do you think?

  2. He has fulfilled his dream of being on TV, moderating something, he has managed that, not everyone can say about himself. Respect to Knossi!

    Now he can concentrate more on streaming or preparing for the camps, I’m looking forward to the Middle Ages camp

  3. Knossi … I hope he has at least taken care of for the rest of his life, it would be a shame to have made a monkey of himself for free

  4. The show was kind of like TV Total on Wish. Clearly Raab was the producer, but that is and was simply no longer up-to-date. The show was just bad and whether Knossi did himself a favor remains to be seen.

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