That was Knossi’s Christmas camp

The fishing and horror camp was quite a success. With the Christmas camp on December 6th, the best friends definitely did not disappoint their fans either.

Knossi's Christmas camp

Knossi, Sido, Sascha Hellinger (unsympathischTV) and Manny Marc had attracted around 300,000 viewers when they ran the camera for days on Twitch this summer thanks to their fishing camp. When it was hard to believe that this German record could be broken, the friends surpassed each other with their horror camp for Halloween. On the Halloween weekend, not only was their single “No Fear” released, but also their audience record on Twitch was topped with 336,000 viewers. The success of the horror camp was also due to the participation of well-known personalities such as Pietro Lombardi and Klaas Heufer-Umlauf.

A few weeks have passed since Halloween and the team of four had the next highlight on their screen after the publication of some Instagram stories. Among other things, one saw “King Knossi” rapping into the microphone. The reason for this was that Knossi, Sido, Sascha Hellinger and Manny Marc have planned a third livestream for their fans on December 6, the Christmas camp.

In contrast to the other live streams, this event was not widely announced, but announced at short notice. The reason for the somewhat late announcement could possibly have been the postponed Christmas concert by Sido. This had to be postponed by one year due to the high number of COVID-19 cases. The planned open-air show on December 19 in Berlin also had to be canceled. But luckily, fans got to see the rapper through Christmas.

Knossi’s music career, which began with his first song “Alge” in January 2020, reached its next milestone in June with the single “Katsching”, which Knossi presented together with the Atzen. The video for this has already had around 3 million views on YouTube. Shortly before the horror festival there was “Don’t be afraid”. So it’s no wonder that there was again a suitable song for the next Twitch event this time.

Before the Christmas camp, the quartet released the single “Heiligenschein”, but without a video. But that can still be produced later. The Christmas song also contains many allusions to past events and can be bought on Spotify or Amazon.

Knossi and Sido convince as organizers of good Twitch events

Well, the Halloween camp met with quite a bit of criticism, as the fans wanted more horror factor and the show had been planned a little too much, as if it had been read from a script.

Christmas was a hit: guests from the music world such as Bozza, Gentleman and Nico Santos were also at the start and put on a performance. Baked cookies were burned at the end, but with cans, chocolate fruits and the like, the mood was quickly boosted and a personal Christmas market was created, so to speak.

A new Christmas record could not be set with the Christmas party, but it was still great fun. The best success according to the number of callers could still be achieved with the scary horror camp.

Are you interested in the new Knossi events that have nothing to do with gambling? How do you think that King Knossi is now trying to come around the corner with alternative stream offers? Do you miss the “alga roaring” and “old” Knossi jumping on the chair? So in the comments!

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