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Currently, the vast majority of broadcasts are conducted on three platforms, namely YouTube, Twitch, and Kick. It is the latter that this page will discuss. Having secured its place among two giants promoted by massive corporations, Kick initially positioned itself as a platform for gambling. On the platform’s pages, one can easily find online casino streams on Kick, and they do not violate the site’s rules.

Of course, competing with projects that have many years of history and huge audiences is very challenging. However, Kick has several key features that make the platform extremely attractive to streamers, including those in the gambling category. We will detail how it all started, the advantages the project offers, and which online casino streams on Kick are in high demand.

Best Casinos for Streaming on Kick

If you’ve decided to try your hand as a casino streamer, Kick is, in our opinion, one of the best platforms to start your career. But before you set up your broadcast and press the coveted “Go Live!” button, you need to decide on the project you will promote. Our site provides comprehensive information about all modern casinos, as well as about affiliate programs that allow you to earn money. Below, we offer a selection of reliable casinos that provide everything a budding streamer needs.


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History of the Kick

History of the Kick

Streaming Platform Kick was created in 2022. It positions itself as a full replacement for Twitch—the largest streaming site to date. It remains unclear who exactly owns Kick. The company is managed by Kick Streaming Pty Ltd, which was founded a few months before the project launched. It is rumored that the main sponsor of Kick is the largest cryptocurrency casino, Stake, considering the majority of streamers play there, and the casino actively promotes these broadcasts on its site.

A key feature of Kick is that their profit is only 5% of streamers’ earnings from the affiliate program. For comparison, Twitch’s administration takes 50% of paid subscriptions.

Interesting fact!

The co-founders of the company are Bijan Tehrani, Ed Craven, and the streamer Trainwreckstv. The first two are directly connected to the Stake casino, while the latter is one of the most popular foreign players, specifically at this cryptocurrency casino. For example, in 2021, while still on Twitch, he distributed over a million dollars to his viewers!

Clearly, competing with giants like Amazon and Google, who own Twitch and YouTube respectively, is extremely difficult for a newcomer. To this end, the project has signed contracts with many popular streamers. Among them are characters such as GMHikaru, Amouranth, AdinRoss, xQc, and others. All of them received multimillion-dollar payouts, and they are allowed to stream on other platforms as well.

Important Dates and Events

Before we delve deeper into online casino streams on Kick, let’s highlight the most important dates and events in the platform’s history:

  • 2022 – Creation and launch of the site. Testing and initial offers of cooperation for popular streamers from other platforms. Close cooperation with the streamer Trainwreckstv, who was involved in consulting and correcting mistakes from a broadcaster’s perspective.
  • 2023 – Signing multimillion-dollar contracts with streamers like xQc, BruceDropEmOff, AdinRoss, Amouranth, and others. Signing a sponsorship deal with the Formula 1 Alfa Romeo team. The platform also became a sponsor of the English Premier League club Everton.
  • 2024 – Partial redesign of the site, minor updates on a regular basis. Development of an enhanced version of recommendations using neural networks.

On average, over 300,000 streams are launched on Kick every day.


First Online Casino Streams on Kick

First Online Casino Streams on Kick

The first popular streamers on the still little-known platform were those who already had an audience but decided to try something new for various reasons. A prime example is Andrei Mellstroy. After being blocked, more than once, on Twitch and YouTube, he was one of the first whose online casino streams on Kick began to attract huge online Russian-speaking audiences. Moreover, he received an extremely lucrative contract from the Stake casino, significantly improving his financial situation. We have covered more about this in Mellstroy’s biography.

In our observations, all streamers attract new players in the same way as before on Twitch and YouTube—through lucrative offers for newcomers. In addition to giveaways and contests, the overwhelming majority of streamers offer no-deposit bonuses for registration or fixed rewards via a promo code. On our site, you can also find a list of the most advantageous offers. Some of them are presented below.

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Features and Limitations

The administration’s loyalty to streamers is clear. First of all, there are no strict rules like on Twitch. As a streamer, you do not need to “condemn” every word spoken, even if it was not spoken by you. Moreover, if you stream online casino games on Kick, you can share referral links directly in the chat and in the stream description. Competitors cannot boast such lenient rules.

“Is everything really so smooth?”, you might reasonably ask. In fact, no. Streaming without significant restrictions has been impeded by organizations known to us as RosKomNadzor and the “Safe Internet League”. Initially, they just blocked streamers’ channels on YouTube and Twitch, but with Kick, a slightly different story occurred. Instead of targeted blockades, which made little sense, RKN decided to completely restrict access to the platform for all residents of Russia. There has been no official statement from the censoring body yet, but this ban is widely discussed in streaming circles. Moreover, some internet providers now do not allow viewing online casino streams on Kick without a VPN.

By the way, Kick was blocked in Turkey by a government decision. Initially, this was announced by a local journalist on February 13, 2024. A week later, following an inspection, access to the site became impossible.

Access problems are not only for residents of Russia.

Platform Today

Platform Today

Currently, online casino streams on Kick are the most promising. Not only due to the administration’s leniency in this area, but also due to the rapid development of the project. According to the company owner’s CEO, more than a million users registered on Kick within just 70 days from the project’s start. For comparison, it took Netflix over three years, and Facebook just under a year to achieve such figures.

Thus, if you plan to start streaming, we strongly recommend choosing Kick. First of all, competition here is minimal compared to YouTube or Twitch. Furthermore, the leniency of the rules and the ability to retain 95% of all earnings for yourself are unique features of this new platform. Additionally, its extremely simple and understandable interface, absence of intrusive advertising, and clarity in the rules make the platform most interesting from the perspective of a budding streamer.

Finding online casino streams on Kick is very easy. Just select the appropriate category or enter the channel name in the search bar. At the same time, you will not encounter an abundance of restreams and bots. This problem, inherent to Twitch and YouTube, is under the control of moderators who remove such channels, albeit not as quickly as one would like. As we mentioned earlier, this platform is well suited for both novices and experienced players looking to start broadcasting their gameplay. For illustration, we offer a look at the 5 most popular Russian-speaking casino streamers who have chosen Kick as their primary broadcasting venue.

Andrei "Mellstroy" Burim

Andrei “Mellstroy” Burim

One of the most popular Russian-speaking casino streamers. Originally from the Republic of Belarus. Known for his emotional broadcasts and massive giveaways among subscribers. He has often appeared in the news, usually not from the best side. Plays at high and very high stakes, and has a sponsorship contract with Stake casino. More about him can be found on this page.

Viktor "Vituss" Khlusov

Viktor “Vituss” Khlusov

The most popular streamer from the first wave. At the beginning of his career, he created a streaming school, which introduced Russian-speaking gambling to characters like Nazar, Ludojop, and others. Plays at high stakes. A regular in various compilations of large wins on YouTube. Vitus’s biography can be found here.

Egor "EgorKreed" Bulatkin

Egor “EgorKreed” Bulatkin

A professional singer and musician who turned to streaming online casinos on Kick. Considered one of the first in the new “zoomer” wave of streamers. His average online viewership on Twitch before his channel was blocked could easily exceed 15,000 viewers on any given day of the week. More details are available on this page.

Mikhail "Gellemar" Petrov

Mikhail “Gellemar” Petrov

A former professional poker player. Rumored to own a network of online casinos. According to him, he was down more than 10 million dollars over his playing career, however, he has completely recouped his losses in recent years. Plays at the highest stakes—$500 per spin and above. His biography can be found here.

Artem "KarssenTV" Zubanov

Artem “KarssenTV” Zubanov

A second-wave casino streaming figure. His journey illustrates the evolution of a successful streamer: starting with broadcasts at minimal stakes, today he can afford to lose several thousand dollars in a single broadcast. Plays at low to medium stakes. Artem’s full story can be found here.

Pros and Cons of Kick for Streams

Pros and Cons of Kick for Streams

If you are considering streaming online casinos on Kick, familiarize yourself with the most important advantages and disadvantages of this platform. We hope they will help you decide and make the right choice.


  • User-friendly site and interface. Even if you have never broadcasted before, you will easily understand everything. The platform’s interface is intuitively clear. Moreover, there are tips on how to launch your first broadcast.
  • Low competition. The platform was launched in 2022 and is now rapidly developing. The average online viewership is not high, but this does not prevent newcomers from attracting their first viewers in all categories.
  • Favorable conditions. By broadcasting, you will receive 95% of all income generated through paid subscriptions. In the case of Twitch, the administration always takes half of the profits.
  • Eminent sponsors. The platform collaborates with many renowned companies. The main sponsor, rumored to be the most successful cryptocurrency casino— The CEO of this project is listed among the board of directors.
  • Significant funds invested in promoting the platform. Kick not only signs contracts with the most popular Twitch streamers but also advertises itself at real sports competitions. The site is the official sponsor of the F1 team Alfa Romeo, as well as the English football club Everton.


  • Site inaccessibility in some countries. The platform is unavailable in most countries where online gambling is banned. Additionally, some jurisdictions restrict access to the site for other reasons, for example, Turkey.
  • Activity of censoring bodies. Popular streamers are often blocked by RKN. There are rumors that the entire platform may become inaccessible to streamers and viewers from Russia.
  • Not the widest audience. Since the project was launched recently, it cannot yet compete with rivals in terms of user numbers. However, given the advertising and the administration’s capabilities, it is only a matter of time.

In conclusion

Kick is a rapidly developing streaming platform. It definitely has all the chances to compete with Twitch and YouTube, thanks to the huge resources of sponsors and the project’s administration. Meanwhile, the site charges only 5% of a streamer’s total income, which no other platform can boast.

Key features of Kick include lenient rules, a clear and convenient site, and relatively low competition in the gambling category. If you plan to start streaming online casinos on Kick, now is the time to do it—it is quite possible that this site represents the future of casino broadcasts!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kick?

Kick is a streaming platform that opened in 2022. It positions itself as a direct competitor to Twitch and YouTube. Among its sponsors are major companies, and the budgets for promotion are breaking all records.

Which well-known players stream online casinos on Kick?

Among Russian-speaking players on Kick, you can see Viktor Vituss, Egor Kreed, Mikhail Gellemar, Andrei Mellstoy, Artem KarssenTV, and many others.

Is it difficult to start streaming online casinos on Kick?

The platform is objectively considered one of the best for newcomers. The site has everything necessary for quick setup and launch of the first broadcast. Considering the relatively low competition, broadcasts on this platform are most promising.