Videoslots casino SCAM – how did it happen?

Videoslots casino SCAM

Videoslots – The most popular online casino in the world has slipped to the bottom of the ratings. It is difficult to find a player who has not heard of this casino. It was on everyone’s lips for many years and only the lazy did not play there. However, it is dangerous to play there now, and winning is in jeopardy. Today we can declare with complete confidence – Videoslots SCAM.

Past achievements

We will remind you what Videoslots was like before:

YearAwardAwarded By
2015Best Online Casino AwardCasinomeister
2015Best Gaming Experience AwardCasinomeister
2016Best Slots Operator AwardGaming Intelligence Awards
2017Gaming Intelligence HOT 50 CEOsGaming Intelligence Awards
2017Compliance and Regulated Markets Idol of the YeariGaming Idol
2017Trusted Affiliate AwardGAFFG Awards
2017Best Casino AwardCasinomeister
2018Best Slots Operator Award11th International Gaming Awards
2018Best Casino AwardCasinomeister
2018Best Gaming Experience AwardCasinomeister
2018One to Watch – Operator AwardThe STARS Group
2019Great Place to Work (Operator)12th International Gaming Awards
2019Customer Service Idol of the YeariGaming Idol
2019Leader of the Year in Casino OperatorSBC Awards
2019Innovator of the YearMalta Gaming Awards

Videoslots History Before SCAM

Established in 2011 and based in Malta, Videoslots is an online casino with more than 2000 gaming slots. Alexander Stevendahl is the founder and chief executive officer. In 2017, Videoslots purchased the technology assets of, an online poker operator.

In 2017, the company hosted its first annual awards, named the Videoslots Awards. In 2018, they became an official partner of the Malta Handball Association.

In 2018, Videoslots reached a settlement of £1 million in fines with the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) regulatory authority for historical failings to “place effective safeguards” within their casino system.

Videoslots Owner Alexander Stevendahl
Videoslots Owner Alexander Stevendahl

Why they are Scam

Recently, Video Slots have ceased to fulfill their obligations. This is manifested primarily in non-payments to partners. A lot of affiliates have already reported that the casino does not pay commissions for fictitious reasons.

Players might say, “Why do we care about affiliates?” Not! It doesn’t work that way. If the organization began to deceive partners, then the deception will concern everyone. You will not argue with the fact that a scammer cannot be honest with someone? If someone is a scammer, then sooner or later everyone who deals with him will be deceived. And the players are the people who deal with them first.

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  1. I have been scammed by videoslots. I went to withdraw £2400 and they took the money from my bank account and then put it back a week layer and now claiming they paid me when all they did was put my money back and keep my winnings.

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