Wedding planner cheats on 24 couples and loses money

A British court sentenced a former wedding planner to several years in prison several days ago. The 44-year-old previously cheated on 24 bridal couples out of a high five-figure amount. The ex-wedding planner then financed her gambling addiction with her booty.

Wedding planner cheats

The court in Hull, England, saw it as proven that Dana T. (44) used the money of her victims to finance their massive gambling addiction. The wedding planner should actually use the money entrusted to her to give her customers an unforgettable wedding experience. As a result, getting married has become an absolute nightmare for many couples.

Wedding planner cheats couples by around 83,000 euros

In total, the gambling addict wedding planner cheated on her victims by around 83,000 euros. The injured parties are a total of 24 bridal couples. In the trial at the beginning of the month, the defendant even admitted that she never intended to actually provide the services in question. Instead, she used the money entrusted to her to satisfy her massive gambling addiction.

A wedding planner takes care of the planning and organization of the wedding celebration. This includes, for example, the location search, the wedding dress search, the menu selection, the artist placement, the decoration and the entire budget control. At the wedding itself, the wedding planner is more in the background. Usually, the wedding planner’s remuneration is 10 to 20 percent of the total budget.

Shortly before the verdict was announced, the public prosecutor again pointed out the reprehensibility of the acts. After all, some of the damaged wedding couples saved money for their big day over a long period of time, which the defendant simply took away from them. It was only in March of this year that we reported that an ex-police officer gambled away the fines in the casino.

Cheater promises the wedding planning – and did nothing

First of all, the defendant promised the bona fide victims that she would take care of all the wedding planning. But a short time before the appointments, she then repeatedly apologized and failed to perform the promised services. She also did not pay external service providers, so more and more wedding couples complained to the police about the woman.

After extensive investigations by the police, it finally came to court. Here the 44-year-old was sentenced to five years in prison. The victims, some of whom were present, and the defendant’s ex-husband were relieved by the verdict. Just a few months ago we asked ourselves in an article how responsible gaming can work.


The case of the gambling addict wedding planner shows that problematic gambling behavior can also have massive effects on the workplace. In addition, their pathological gambling behavior can motivate those affected to commit crimes and thereby harm other people. In the case of the wedding planner, there was a total loss of around 83,000 euros. In addition, the accused destroyed the weddings of 24 couples, which of course is morally reprehensible. One can only hope that the woman can undergo gambling addiction therapy during her prison sentence to get her gambling behavior under control in the long term.


  1. You can see it again – gambling addiction can affect everyone!

    I’m pretty sure said woman was once very good at her job, which she can now unfortunately forget

  2. Well, the wedding planner has promised every couple an unforgettable experience. And that’s what they all got. So what’s the problem?

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