Roshtein – Jewish fraudster with fake money

Here we take a look at a vile person like Roshtein. This is a creature that sold its ass and lies at every turn. Roshtein Fake is already an aximom! only stupid idiots don't see it and keep watching his streams! Share the link to this article with people who can still be protected from deception.

Roshtein Fake Casino Streamer

Roshtein is the most popular streamer casino to date. Most of its viewers do not even know how they are being deceived. The hairy face pretends to play for its own money, depicting real emotions.

To all Jews who do not like the mention of his nationality in the title, we want to say – you are a wonderful people, but everyone should know how such a character as Roshtein disgraces you.

Important Note

Only lazy fools can believe that the rostein plays for its money. As a rule, such idiots do not want to believe that their idol is lying to them. In principle, such idiots are not a pity, even if they continue to remain idiots, due to which this unfinished actor gets richer.

It is very alarming that Roshtein does not play at a casino like Bitstarz. After all, if he played for real money, then this would be the best choice! An excellent bonus, a large selection of games and the most important thing – instant payments! You only need 2 minutes to receive your winnings. Check it out for yourself by visiting and trying out Bitstarz Casino.

Based on the above, smart people will understand that all bets and winnings on Roshtein’s streams are Fiction! A fiction diluted with acting.

If you watch casino streams, but have never played for real money, then better not do it. Try playing with no deposit casino bonuses. Don’t risk your money to enrich these bad actors.

Short Tip

Roshtein real name

The name of this bastard does not even want to write with a capital Letter! But we will remain cultural.

The name of your favorite clown Ishmael Schwartz.

That’s why we called him a Jew

We will not tell you here why Jews should not be trusted in principle. And to believe such a cunning Jew as Roshtein is generally the height of stupidity.

Roshtein lier

Of the 10 words spoken by Roshtein on his streams, 11 words are lie! If you want to learn how to cheat people, then watch the streams of this scammer. You can consider Roshtein streams a free manual on professional deception of people. If you have a three-digit IQ level, then you will understand everything without explanation..

In general, you now know the real name of Roshtein, and you know who exactly needs to be cursed!

Roshtein Fake or not?

Stupid question! Of course, a fake! Roshtein doesn’t play for real money on any of his streams. For each of his streams he receives a certain amount of money in order to deceive you more likely.

If you ask him on the stream what money he is playing for, you will be instantly banned.

Checked repeatedly

This once again confirms that he ignores uncomfortable questions for the same reason – FAKE MONEY!

Roshtein Fake Money

So that you do not consider us liars, here is a video proof for you!

Now you understand why we called him a liar and a bastard? Not? Then go watch his streams again and remai an idiots!

Just think …. How many lives, families, destinies were destroyed by his advertising? How many thousands of people have lost everything, despite the fact that Roshtein himself never risked anything. He never made deposits with his personal money.

Roshtein’s Giveaways

Earning hundreds of thousands of euros on deceiving the audience, this scum still manages to do giveaways.

“To celebrate 5 years on Twitch, I am doing a giveaway with lots of surprises on the 20’th February. This Giveaway has 10 winners with some awesome prizes. I can’t wait to see you all to celebrate this magical evening!”

You must understand! All this is done just so that you are loyal to him. Maybe you should even send him to shit and leave a complaint about Roshtein’s channel on Twitch?

Report Roshtein
How to report Roshtein on Twitch

The second reason for his giveaways is the collection of your personal data. It’s your responsibility to make sure that the information provided by you is accurate, otherwise you will be disqualified. (c) Roshtein

Are the audience that stupid ???

You have have to include:

  • Twitch username
  • Your First and Last name
  • Country of residence
  • Date of Birth
  • Email

What do you think ? why do they need all this data of yours? Do you know many options for their use? but we know)

Where Roshtein from

Most likely from the womb! Although such scammers can be born through the anus. His hair is very similar to hair from intimate places.

If you are interested in what country he is from, then we will answer – Roshtein from Sweden, but his dirty activity is from Malta. He is Jewish by nationality. We do not want to say that Jews are a bad people. On the contrary, it seems to us that such characters as Roshtein disgrace such an intelligent and long-suffering people.

Where Roshtein from

How much money does Roshtein have?

Lots of! And the reason for this is your naivety! He has contracts with a bunch of different online casinos and earns you a lot of money. Not only he feeds on your losses! There is a whole team of marketers who have an income, or maybe they have Roshtein. Money does not smell and generally to be gay or not is everyone’s personal business. xD!

Earnings of Roshtein amount to hundreds of thousands of euros per month. This is not surprising, because the number of viewers is simply huge.


Rosh is a typical clown who hosts a fake money show. If you watch its streams, then you are no different from a gibbon. Every fan of the roshtein was ignored by evolution and in the future will only shit in slippers. This is the height of the possibilities of people with cerebral palsy.

Do not look at shit, do not believe shit, do not subscribe to shit. Good Luck!


  1. And I never doubted that Roshtein was playing for casino money. Risk nothing and hooks thousands of people on the game! When I wrote this to him in a chat on Twitch, I was immediately blocked.

  2. Roshtein is a not streamer. He just actor with fake money from different casinos! Roshtein viewers are stupid sheeps.

  3. whoah this weblog is fantastic i love reading your posts.
    Stay up the good work! You realize, many persons are searching around for this info,
    you can aid them greatly.
    Roshtein Scammer! Totally Agree!

  4. That is a very good tip particularly to those fresh to the blogosphere.
    Short but very precise information… Many thanks for sharing this
    one. A must read article!

  5. This seems more biased than an actual review of a streamer, either way this was barely informative and more a weak list of poorly made insults. Whether the money is real or fake, he is still entertaining his audience which is what matters. I don’t know what is worse the fact the article is so hard to read with its poor English, or the scripted reviews that make it even more amusing.

    • We do not argue with the fact that Roshtein is a good actor! We also do not argue with the fact that he really likes his audience and entertains them well. BUT! This is not just entertainment – it is bringing people to the casino! to attract, without risking anything, when the audience will already lose their real money – this is wrong. If Roshtein is playing for fake money, then he should tell his viewers about it. Otherwise, this is the most common deception.

    • This is not true. We treat Jews very well, we just hate scammers! At the same time, his nationality ceases to matter. If he were Russian or German, we would call him the same – Russian scammer or German scammer.

      • Jewish is not a nationality hence why the other person called you an antisemitic. He would be Israeli or Swedish. Aka German or Russian is a nationality. By going after his religion you are showing you hate jews.. fake or real money, there is a reason these guys don’t step foot into real casinos. They get paid to promote a brand and that is what they are doing. Don’t hate on a guy for capitalizing on a promotion when your blog is shit.

        • That’s the whole point! If Roshtein works only to promote the brand, then this should be openly discussed. And he is still trying to tell everyone that he is losing his real money. This is a lie! If a Man is a liar and a swindler, then we absolutely do not care what nationality he is. You can defend him as much as you like, but this will not affect our opinion.

      • Piss off, you’re a racist mother fucker. ROSHTEIN RUINED LIVES ADVERTISING GAMBLING. Look at your fucking website you utter racist moron.

  6. Oh my God! There are also idiots who protect this rat? are you absolutely stupid? Roshtein Fake Money Streamer and scammer

  7. No need for the blatant anti-semitism even if the guy is an obvious troll and grifter. You could leave your racist opinions of Jewish people out of this.

  8. You start by making advertizing for bitstarz. Come on man. Everyone can see through that. Or thay are idiots like you. Not saying that Rosh is real or fake but just that you are paid by Bitstarz.

  9. “We will not tell you here why Jews should not be trusted in principle. And to believe such a cunning Jew as Roshtein is generally the height of stupidity.”

    Pretty blatant antisemitism right here by stating that all Jews should not be trusted “in principle”. Which principle is that, Mein Kampf?

    Onto your argument, who really cares if the guy is playing with house money? What difference does it make to the viewer whether the streamer is playing with house or their own? The games are the same, in the long run the house streamer will still lose that balance. As a former slot monkey, it is cathartic to see others lose a ton as it reminds me why I quit.

    • Perhaps you are right, perhaps we used an inappropriate phrase about Jews in general. We’ll do some editing soon. But we are unlikely to change our opinion about Roshtein himself and his lies about the reality of his deposits.

      About quit – the right decision.

    • it is a big difference if it’s house money or real money. And they (lots of streamers) present it these days like it’s their own. I mean its getting crazy, “200k deposit” on a single day etc sustained 5 days a week. There’s no millionaire able to sustain that on long term. They are all doing the who has the bigger house-money prank show and it’s about to collapse.

    • How the fuck do you think Jews went from Zero to 100 so quickly after the War? Say ”hard work”, I dare you, and make yourself look like an even bigger moron…

  10. All this subterfuge of a so called blog…while blatantly placing your own affilliate link in the first paragraph. You sir, are no better than the person you discuss. The ONLY reason for your words is to direct people to your own affilliate page

  11. This is legit just an ad for casinos you filthy fucking animals. “Only idiots wouldn’t play at our casino we are affiliated with because it’s the easiest affiliation anyone can get”

  12. I don’t care about rosh and if he scam or not,but u f as s son of hitler u are nio nazi. it’s make me smile as a prude Jewish every time I see those people who jealous the fact Jewish are most rich and smarts and successful no matter what they do and where we are, we so small few millions in the all world here in Israel we about 6-7 million the rest are many religious groups because we are not like u bad people, and yet you jealous people in around all world care what we do start be successful by your own and don’t blame group of people because u trash, get your on life problems u f losers

  13. I just got banned by this clown when I asked why he’s never showing his cashouts or deposits, it’s just a simple question. It’s not that he has to show his banking details. Such a scam and lucrative way of doing business. Fooling the younger crowd of gambling, just a disgusting way.

  14. Arab jews gonna arab jew. Never believe a millionaires story. They will NEVER tell you the full truth of their wealth.

  15. Your opening comments are so full of hate and fluff with no substance, you are obviously jealous of his success. I thought it a bit rich where you are advertising a casino. (Where you will get probably a minimum of 20% of any deposits using your affiliate link)
    He is an entertainer. I have watched him for some time and I am not an idiot for not believing your comments, maybe you should keep them to yourself. I have read lots of rantings on how he is fake with no substance to back it up apart from opinions.
    I do hope he doesn’t read your comments. If you were in my country you would be in court.

    And in order to leave a comments on your site you want to know my name and email address, how rich

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