Personal development through gambling?

Many people associate gambling with negative traits. Gambling addiction and criminal activities are talked about relatively quickly. Society rarely associates anything positive with the subject of gambling. Gambling - as absurd as it may sound - can have a positive influence on one's own personality and health.

Personal development through gambling

The London Daily Post recently reported that gambling can offer surprising health benefits. Sometimes, however, there is only a fine line between healthy and problematic gaming behavior. Many a player uses gambling to escape from the dreary everyday life. Of course, it is tempting to ignore your own stress and problems and instead dive into a dazzling world of colorful slot machines. And under certain circumstances, at least with responsible gambling behavior, gambling can contribute to reducing stress, among other things.

Do you need a break from everyday life?

Even with the right structure, people’s everyday lives can quickly become monotonous and boring. Many people long for variety in order to finally get out of the daily grind. This is often easier said than done, as family or a stupid office job, for example, help ensure that in the end every day is like the other.

For this reason, quite a few people use gambling to escape from the dreary everyday life and experience at least a short period of tension and euphoria. Of course, theoretically there is always the risk of losing control of your gaming behavior. But responsible gaming behavior can help not only to take a short break from everyday life, but also to reduce stress and find an outlet in gaming. The London Daily Post, for example, recently reported surprising health benefits from gambling.

Nobody should take refuge in gambling or start at this point in times of emotional stress such as a breakup or job loss. Then there is a high probability of losing control and there is a risk of pathological gambling behavior.

Gambling cannot be a “treatment approach”

First of all: Of course, gambling is not suitable for overcoming problems or reducing stress in the long term. Rather, gambling can serve to distract oneself from minor problems or stressful situations in the short term. However, gambling cannot be a long-term coping strategy. And even with short-term consumption, you should pay attention to responsible gaming behavior. Because especially in stressful situations there is a risk that the player overestimates himself or that he becomes indifferent to the losses he has suffered and thus loses the overview.

Player protectors have been pointing out for a long time that pathological gaming behavior is developed above all when gambling is used to regulate mood. It is therefore not recommended to gamble at all in emotionally stressful situations. But how can gambling contribute to the personal development of the players?

Personal development with the help of gambling?

First of all, a distinction should be made between different types of gambling. A positive influence on personality development can be superficial to gambling, which combine skill and chance. A good example of this is poker. A good mix of strategic skill and logical thinking can guarantee success in the medium and long term.

The social aspect of gambling should not be overlooked either. This is particularly effective at local arcades and casinos, as this is where players can get to know each other. After all, they share a common interest, making it easier to build a conversation. But even with online gambling there is sometimes the possibility of exchanging ideas with other users.

Take dangers and risks seriously

However, in order to advance personal development in the right direction, one should also know the risks and dangers of gambling. People with impulsive behavior and poor emotional control tend to be more addicted than other types of gamers.


In summary, gambling can actually contribute to positive personal development. However, it is of central importance that one’s own gaming behavior is critically scrutinized every time. In addition, certain player characters should be aware that they are potentially more addictive than others and therefore act more cautiously.

In spite of the current report by the “London Daily Post”, gambling should not be used as an excuse to want to develop one’s personality. There are also other situations and areas in life. If at all, only the use of strategic games of chance such as poker can contribute to personal development. Other types of gambling such as online slot machines, on the other hand, are more of a pastime and to allow yourself a short break from everyday life.

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