Only every 20th player recognizes a licensed online casino in Sweden

The Swedish gaming authority Spelinspektiven published the results of an interesting survey these days. Among other things, it was about the question of whether the Swedish players know whether they are playing in a licensed online casino. A total of more than 1,700 people were interviewed.

licensed online casino in Sweden

The result is shocking: only about 5% of the participants stated that they knew how to identify a reputable online casino with a valid license. Conversely, this means that the vast majority of Internet users interested in gambling in Sweden do not know how to recognize licensed online casinos. In the following we would like to show which other interesting results the study by the Swedish administrative authority delivers and how users can easily identify a licensed online casino.

Only every 20th player in Sweden recognizes a licensed online casino

The Spelin Inspections is the official gambling authority in Sweden. The agency recently published the results of a nationwide survey. As part of the survey, 1,737 players from Sweden were asked about their gaming behavior. The majority (1,139) stated that they played regularly.

The result of the survey is sobering, at least for the gambling authority. For example, only 2% of those surveyed said they checked the online casino platform in advance to see whether the operator is licensed in Sweden. In addition, only every 100th respondent used the opportunity to find out more on the official website of the Swedish Gambling Authority.

Many do not appreciate the advantages of a licensed casino

In our opinion, it is particularly surprising that 67% of those questioned said they did not know the advantages of playing in an online casino with a license. Conversely, it can be deduced from this that they do not care whether they play in a licensed casino or not. Only 15% of the participants stated that they know and appreciate the advantages of a valid license. These respondents were primarily concerned with a safe gaming environment that a licensed casino offers them.

Furthermore, the results of the study show that it is important for at least 4% of the respondents that those responsible for online casinos in Sweden pay taxes. Furthermore, only 1% of the respondents were of the opinion that the operators of online gaming providers should be subject to Swedish law.

Why don’t Swedish players pay attention to a valid license?

The latest study found that only 5% of respondents in Sweden know how to identify a reputable online gambling provider. Almost 70% of the participants were also unable to state which advantages licensed casinos offer compared to unlicensed competition. The majority of Swedish players don’t seem to care where they are playing for money on the internet. The advantages of licensed online casinos are obvious.

Advantages of licensed online casinos:

  • Constant control of the respective authorities
  • Tested random number generators (RNG)
  • Secure data transmission / encryption of personal data
  • Licensing authority as contact person and mediator in case of problems

Stricter regulations: Many players are turning their backs on licensed providers

Not only in Germany, numerous new measures have recently been introduced to increase player protection. In Sweden, too, new restrictions were recently decided and implemented. Since then, strict deposit limits and other restrictions, for example for bonus offers, have also applied here. The result: A number of operators officially licensed in Sweden have been complaining about a massive drop in sales of up to 30% since the introduction of the stricter regulations.

This could mean that some players consciously turn their backs on the regulated online gaming market in order to be able to play with unlicensed providers without restrictions. But this is exactly what we and the Swedish gaming supervisory authority are warning of, but also a number of other experts. Because playing on the unregulated market harbors numerous dangers and risks that hardly any player is aware of. This may even include criminal prosecution for participating in unauthorized gambling.

Gambling addiction prevention is becoming increasingly important

The study of the spel inspections also came to the result that 43% of the players questioned were not familiar with the so-called self-exclusion function “Spelpaus”. With the help of this tool, vulnerable players can protect themselves from playing too much and have themselves temporarily or permanently banned. In his statement, the communications manager of the spine inspections, Anders Sims, underlined the importance of such an offer, especially in the context of the ongoing pandemic situation.

With this investment we want to inform the players that exists, but also to draw the attention of players and relatives to behaviors that may be signs of problematic gambling ”.

Recognize a valid gaming license – that’s how it works

Basically, it is not difficult at all to identify a reliable online casino with a valid license. Interested players only need to take one to two minutes for this purpose before registering. In the best case scenario, the gaming providers have an EU license issued, for example, by the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). In the future, the provider should have a German license if possible, at the latest when the new State Treaty on Gaming comes into force. But how do players find the information they need about a provider’s license?

  1. Open the provider’s website and scroll all the way down
  2. Ideally, the red-gray “MGA logo” can be found here, for example.
  3. Simply click on the “MGA logo” and you will be redirected to the website of the licensing authority
  4. The official MGA website now provides information on the license status (“Licensed”) and the operator, including the place of business. Readers can also find out below which other platforms the company operates.


It is not understandable why the majority of the respondents in the Swedish study indicated that they do not care about a valid license from the online gambling provider. Only 5% of the casino players stated in the survey that they knew how to identify a reputable online casino with a valid license. There is definitely room for improvement. Because only if the game enthusiasts themselves ensure a safe gaming environment and a European license can they be sure that they will not be victims of fraud or that other problems will arise. Anyone who proceeds as described above to check the status of a license creates ideal conditions for being able to travel to a reputable gaming provider.

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