In Search of the Best Online Casinos – An Ultimate Guide

Best Online Casinos - An Ultimate Guide

How do you find the best online casinos? What are the decisive criteria that make a good online casino a BEST online casino? Don’t worry, these are the questions every newcomer to casinos will ask themselves. Our guide can help you find the best casino.

Yeah, yeah, we already know, that sounds pretty boring at first. But every good casino player should, sooner or later, grapple with the hard facts of gambling. Don’t worry – we’ll make it short and sweet.

The legal situation with online casinos

We will go into the question of the legality of online casinos again very carefully. Admittedly: the legal situation for online casinos is somewhat opaque.

This can initially unsettle new players in particular. Online casino gambling is officially prohibited in many countries. But before you go into shock or delete your casino account: don’t worry!

Online gambling is still tolerated in the world, provided that the providers adhere to the provisions of the protection of minors and the applicable EU directives.

Bad Online Casino, Good Online Casino, BEST Online Casino? – These criteria are important

There are hundreds of online casinos in the European market. You have already learned that you should only use licensed casinos – but even then the choice is still huge. The following criteria can help you find the top online casinos.


Good games are at the heart of every online casino. Are you a fan of colorful fruit slots? Do you love the mystical atmosphere of ancient Egypt? Or are you a pro at online poker? Everyone has different preferences. Therefore, a good online casino should have an extensive and varied range of games. This is the only way to guarantee ultimate fun for every single player. We don’t want boredom to arise, do we? In our Gambletroll’s universe you can play (almost) anything your heart desires. How about a round of Ramses Book? Then a short detour to Fancy Fruits? Or would you prefer a game of blackjack?


Did we hear about BONUS? Always bring it on! Nobody says no to good bonus offers. This is exactly why you shouldn’t ignore this criterion when choosing the right online casino. Because we love online casino bonuses at Gambletroll, we have already dedicated our own blog post to this topic. So if you want to find out more, go this way, please. Before you decide on an online casino, you should always check which welcome bonuses, free spins, deposit bonuses and Co. are waiting for you.

Try out no deposit free spins for new players at the best casinos.



The payout percentage – everyone knows it exists, but nobody really knows it. We enlighten you! The payout ratio indicates what percentage of your stakes you will get back on average in the long term. That means: the higher the value, the better for you. Incidentally, the payout ratio is also known as RTP (“Return to Player”).

But be careful: The RTP cannot predict how much a player will actually win, as this is subject to a high level of variance in the short term. Sometimes you win a big jackpot and the cream is big, at other times it just doesn’t work out to win. The RTP values ​​of online casinos usually range between 90% and 99%. The differences between the individual online casinos are not particularly great. If you choose a provider whose RTP is in the above spectrum, it is a reputable value and you are good at it.


We think: a good online casino should be clear, use modern graphics and also be easy and intuitive for every player to use. In addition, all important information is displayed transparently at a reputable online casino and you should be able to access it easily. If you first have to click through many pages to read something in the small print, you better keep your hands off this provider!

Gambletroll is waiting for you with rich colors, cool graphics and modern software. You can view all important information with just one click in our terms and conditions. There’s nothing to complain about, is there?


You really want to play a game, but you still have important questions on your mind? What now? Very easily! We think every good online casino needs good customer service that players can turn to at any time. This should of course be as easy to reach as possible. You can easily recognize bad online casinos by the fact that they make it particularly difficult for you to contact them. You deserve better there!


The most exciting games are of course those for real money. This is exactly why a good online casino should offer a variety of different payment methods for deposits and (hopefully fat) withdrawals. In addition, the best online casinos ensure that all payments are processed quickly and are of course free of charge. So you don’t have to worry unnecessarily and you can fully concentrate on gaming.

At we want to offer you the ultimate gaming experience and therefore of course we do not charge any fees for deposits or withdrawals. And by the way: in the Best Online Casinos all payment transactions run through Trustly, a licensed payment service provider. Very secure!

Our top 3 best online casinos

Phew, you’ve done the dry theory now. But what are the best online casinos? Now it’s getting exciting – because here are our exclusive top 3:

  1. Explosino Casino
  2. Ego Casino
  3. Ivi Casino

We just haven’t found an online casino that can really compete with our Best online casinos universe. Our ingenious game selection, the fat bonus offer, the excellent payout percentages, the cool website, the multitude of secure payment options and the first-class customer service make Eplosino a really good online casino. Wait, now you’re probably wondering what makes us the best online casino. It’s simple: that’s YOU and all the other fantastic Explosino players. You are awesome!

Our conclusion on the best online casinos

We know: choosing the right online casino is not easy. Hopefully our guide could help a little. Ultimately, it is now up to you to decide which online casino suits you best. You now know our personal top 3. Just convince yourself whether Explosino is really the best online casino. The next jackpot may already be waiting for you!

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