Hamsters conquer the world of crypto betting

Yes, you read that right. What may sound a little silly is true. The latest trend in the crypto betting universe is about small, fluffy pets: hamsters. What exactly this is all about, we want to explain in the following.

Hamsters conquer the world of crypto betting

In concrete terms, the mia.bet betting platform can be named as an innovator of the apparently new form of crypto betting (Not to be confused with bitcoin casinos). A very recent race called “Mia & the Marbles” was made available to the tipsters there. The main actor is a female hamster who goes by the name Mia. Mia struggles hard on her balance bike and by operating the bike seven marbles in different colors are catapulted into a course. Tipsters can bet on which marble will reach the goal first. There is always a restart when Mia has covered a full 2 ​​kilometers on the bike.

Maximum transparency is given

The hamster race takes place live on the Internet and thus offers a high level of transparency. A live video stream guarantees that the race will take place in real time. Another security element are three gyroscopes, which are moved when Mia walks and thus the marbles hit randomly in different directions.

In order to be able to participate in this funny form of betting, however, it is a prerequisite that the tipsters own the crypto currency Ethereum. This is the place to bet. An autonomous team of programmers is behind the development of “Mia & the Marbles”.

Are there animal welfare concerns?

The concerns about the welfare of the dwarf hamster lady Mia are quite justified. Does the game restart after every 2 kilometers? Can Mia cover such long distances? The answer is yes. It makes no difference to Mia whether or not she gets crypto betting going with her urge to move. Hamsters run several kilometers in one way or another. And that every day.

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