Your chances of winning in the online casino

chances of winning in the online casino

Do players always have to bet high in order to have a chance of winning? How do online casinos and conventional casinos differ in terms of the chances of winning? Our team of experts has dealt with the topic of probability and explains important terms such as house advantage and payout rate to you. We have also summarized what you should look out for in terms of your chances of winning in casino games, slot machines and online slots.

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High chances of winning with a lower house edge

What is the house edge in the casino? Every casino, every casino and also every online casino has a so-called house advantage. The term describes the mathematical advantage of the casino or operator over the players. The house edge is also called the bank edge and is expressed as a percentage, for example 15%. The percentage indicates what proportion of the bet the players will lose on a mathematical average. This is a probability calculation, not an individual case and also not a guarantee. The actual profits, but also the losses, can of course vary greatly. There are also casino games where the house edge can be further reduced by playing with strategy and tactics, such as blackjack. In terms of your chances of winning, the house edge gives you an idea of ​​the likelihood of winning. The lowest possible value is better for you as a player.

chances of winning

What is the payout percentage?

The payout rate is the inverse of the house edge and is also given as a percentage. The value says what percentage of a player’s stakes are paid back to him. Again, it is the mathematical average and a long-term probability, no guarantee. House advantage and payout ratio must add up to 100% with fair casino operation. It is also common practice to determine and indicate an average value that is valid for the entire online casino for the payout ratio. In the internet casino, however, payout percentages are specified individually for each game. The higher the value, the higher your chance of winning. For slot machines, the value should be over 95%.

Chances of winning and amount of payouts

Please note that in an online casino the values ​​for your chances of winning and the payout ratio (or the house advantage) do not make any statement about the amount of payouts. The chance of winning only indicates the probability that you can expect a win at all. When playing for real money, the amount paid out depends on the type of game, the bet you have made and the size of your stake. It is usually the case that unlikely bets are assigned higher odds and thus lead to higher payouts. However, you cannot influence your luck or probability by the size of your bet. If you bet on a single number in roulette, it does not matter whether you bet one euro or one hundred euros for your chance of winning.

The so-called paylines in slot machines work as follows: The more paylines you play, the more combinations and ways to win are possible. However, each line also increases your minimum bet per round, you are buying your chances of winning.

Chances of winning in the conventional casino

The house advantage and your chances of winning in the land-based casino and the conventional, normal casino can differ from Internet casinos. This is because classic casinos want to cover their higher operating costs. A fixed house advantage like in roulette, baccarat and blackjack or other casino classics does not change in the casino either. When playing slot machines, however, you should observe the relevant information on the payout rate or house advantage on the devices. It is also important to consider the factor with which you will be rewarded in the event of a win, i.e. whether your payout is not lower than in the online casino for the same stake in the casino.

Rake in poker

In poker in the casino, poker room or online there is the term rake. Rake is the amount or percentage that the poker operator keeps per pot. It can vary whether you have to give in rake for a hand you have played or only if you are involved in the pot. When providers pay back part of the rake, this is known as rakeback. The rakeback can depend on the number of hands played, the games won or the amount of rake paid. The rake was introduced because poker itself has no house edge as long as the casino is not involved in the game, as is the case with Casino Hold’em.

For a successful game in the online casino, it is important that you also find out about the house advantage and your chances of winning on the website of the respective gambling provider. Compare the differences between individual casino games and contact customer service if necessary! Our Online Casino Portal team wishes you a lot of fun playing and good luck!

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