Is Knossi successful in his TV career?

Just in time for the beginning of the year, the German entertainer "Knossi" announced the end of its popular casino stream. His fan base has grown tremendously over the years. Most recently, for example, “Knossi” had more than 1.6 million followers on the Twitch streaming platform. After ending his casino stream career, the 34-year-old took over the moderation of the late-night show "Freshly Roasted Every Day".

Knossi TV career

It wasn’t until January of this year that we reported that Knossi was ending its casino streams. In a statement published on YouTube, the ambitious entertainer commented on this difficult step with the words: “A crazy time is coming to an end”. Since then there have still been Twitch streams, but casino content has been searched in vain on his channel since then. Instead, the 34-year-old was last seen several times a week on free TV on RTL.

Knossi moderates “Freshly roasted every day” on RTL

Since the end of January 2021, Jens Knossalla (“Knossi”) has been moderating the late night show “Freshly roasted daily” produced by Raab TV. The 30- to 45-minute show can be seen on RTL on Thursdays and Sundays. Since Knossi has moderated the show, there have been talk guests in every show and “non-celebrities” also have the opportunity to become a supporting actor on the TV show as a barista.

Jens Knossalla is not only a German entertainer and presenter, but also a live streamer and poker commentator. The self-proclaimed “King of the Internet” usually always appears with his crown. The 34-year-old celebrated his breakthrough on Twitch with the fishing camp and the horror camp. In 2019 Knossi became the father of a son.

Knossi was able to fulfill a lifelong dream with his own TV show. What is striking about the program concept are the many parallels to the TV-Total program hosted by Stefan Raab. If you stop by “Daily Freshly Roasted”, you get the impression relatively quickly that Knossi wants to follow in the footsteps of the TV giant Stefan Raab – at any cost. The entertainment factor is – to put it in a friendly way – unfortunately not always very high. The audience ratings so far prove that viewers don’t seem to have much to do with Knossi’s late night show.

The high was followed by the low fall – ratings are in the basement

However, the joy of having his own TV show at Knossi did not hold back for a long time. While more than a million viewers watched the first episode of “Daily Freshly Roasted”, the following episodes saw fewer and fewer. Most recently, the late night show only had 0.64 million viewers on February 25, 2021. That corresponded to a market share of 8.7%. In the advertising-relevant age group between 14 and 49 years, the market share was at least 16.3%.

The late night show “Daily freshly roasted” (RTL) was hosted by various presenters in the first season. Since the second season, Knossi has completely taken over the moderation. The TV show has been produced in the production company Brainpool’s own studio in Cologne-Mühlheim since the second season.

However, the audience numbers are still well below RTL’s expectations. That’s why RTL reacted some time ago and adjusted the broadcast time, as the competition with “The Masked Singer” (ProSieben) was probably too strong. It can therefore be assumed that the producer Stefan Raab or RTL will cancel the show again after this season. In this case, Knossi would probably have more time to offer his fans more new content on Twitch or YouTube.

Audience ratings for “Freshly Roasted Every Day” (RTL):

  • 26.01.: 1,03 Million
  • 28.01.: 0,94 Million
  • 02.02.: 0,78 Million
  • 04.02.: 0,54 Million
  • 09.02.: 0,76 Million
  • 11.02.: 0,57 Million
  • 16.02.: 0,53 Million
  • 18.02.: 0,50 Million
  • 25.02.: 0,64 Million


Knossi’s TV career could soon be over. The audience numbers to date are nowhere near enough to meet the expectations of the broadcaster RTL. It can therefore be assumed that Knossi will be released from his duties as a late-night presenter at the end of the second season. Most recently, the TV show on RTL only had a reach of 0.64 million viewers. Critical voices have been heard on social networks for a long time. The comments range from “late night entertainment from the day before yesterday” to “Raab for the poor”. So it is not unlikely that the German entertainer Knossi will soon have more time for his Twitch channel again. Maybe then he’ll continue with the casino streams again. In any case, he was much more successful with that.

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