“Back to normal” – gambling in Las Vegas

Step by step, the gambling metropolis Las Vegas is fighting its way back to normal. After the casinos have reopened for some time, the protective and hygiene measures are now being scaled back. Only a few weeks ago the plexiglass panes were removed from the gaming tables of several casinos. The first major event is soon to be held again in the desert metropolis.

gambling in Las Vegas

Las Vegas celebrates life. Anyone who looks at the streets of the gambling metropolis these days will not feel much of the corona pandemic. The city is comparatively full again, some people no longer wear masks and apparently only sporadic attention is paid to keeping a distance. In addition, there are hardly any protective and hygiene measures in the casinos themselves. Only recently were the unpopular Plexiglas panes removed from the poker tables in many places.

Mask-free and plexiglass-free reopening

The governor of Nevada, Steve Sisloak, announced only recently that it was aiming for a completely mask-free and plexiglass-free reopening. First, the Wynn / Encore announced that they had dismantled the Plexiglas panels on the poker tables. Then ARIA, Red Rock and the Bellagio followed suit.

Complete vaccination protection is a prerequisite for people no longer having to wear masks and not having to keep their distance. Without an appropriate vaccination, the mask and distance requirements continue to apply. However, thanks to the well-functioning vaccination campaign in the United States, a large proportion of the US population has already been vaccinated.

Las Vegas is the largest city in the US state of Nevada and at the same time the most famous gambling metropolis in the world. In 2019 alone, around 42 million people visited the desert metropolis. Around 670,000 people currently live in the city, which was founded in 1905. In the past, artists and musicians such as Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Johnny Cash, Elton John as well as David Copperfield and the magician duo Siegfried and Roy worked here.

Las Vegas – the beginning of a new era

Almost everything in “Sin City” stood still for almost a year and a half. In October last year we dealt in an article with the question: Las Vegas – the end of a gambling era? Today it is clear that even a global pandemic cannot slow down the gambling metropolis Las Vegas in the long term. Rather, the corona pandemic may be the beginning of a new, better era for the “gambling mecca” Las Vegas.

At the moment, the chances are good that full normality will soon be restored in Las Vegas – without masks, without gaps and without Plexiglas panes. The prerequisite for this is of course that all residents and tourists have the necessary vaccination protection.

Unfortunately, the Federal Foreign Office is still warning of “unnecessary tourist trips to the USA” on its website. The US government has therefore renewed the current entry ban for people who have been in Germany within the 14 days prior to entry with a so-called “Presidential Proclamation” (as of June 5, 2021).
The first major events are currently in Las Vegas. The “World of Concrete”, a trade fair for concrete construction, will soon take place in the Las Vegas Convention Center. Tens of thousands of visitors are expected here from June 8 to 10, 2021.


The “entertainment mecca” Las Vegas is back. The casinos are open and the protection and hygiene regulations are relaxed or abolished almost every week. For tourists in particular, this means that the attractiveness of Las Vegas is increasing and that more and more guests are gradually visiting the desert metropolis. If the development continues so positively, then everything in Las Vegas will be at last in a short time as it was before the corona pandemic. One can only hope that the vaccination campaign will continue to pick up speed in this country and that the restrictions can be gradually withdrawn here too, so that as soon as possible no one has to be restricted in their basic rights.

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