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Hungary Online Casinos and all types of gambling entertainment legalised in this Country. Gambling laws in Hungry strictly regulate the rules of operations in the gambling industry in both land-based and online establishments. The largest provider of gambling services in Hungary is the company called Szerencsejáték. This state-owned company had the monopoly on the country’s gaming industry up until 2012.

The provider had an exclusive right to all lottery games, owned one of the two casinos that existed at the time and was invested in the other one. Since 2012 substantial amendments were introduced to the legislation on regulating the gambling industry. The amendments allowed for expanding the opportunities for conquering offline and online markets by other companies.

Best online casinos for Hungary

Few online casinos can offer quality service for players from Hungary. However, we have found some reputable online casinos that can fully satisfy even the most demanding player.

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Until 1991, there was barely talk about any gambling in Hungary. All games of chance were banned. However, in 1991, local authorities passed the gambling act as the initiative from the National Tax and Customs Administration of Hungary. It allowed for the land-based venues to provide the services. To do so, they had to apply for licenses, pay a one-time fee, as well as the regular taxes. The control is exercised through the state operated and owned Szerencsejáték Zrt.

As the industry evolved and more and more countries switched to online gambling, it was time for Hungary to revise the Act. Especially because the European Union, of which the country is part of, insisted on clear rules and on mapping out the future for virtual wagering. The initial update to the Gambling Act allowed only for the local businesses to apply. To be able to function online, they’d first have to establish their reliability by operating offline, brick-and-mortar style, for at least ten years. Later, this term was cut to three years.

The concessions for those local businesses that received them must be renewed every five years. The initial registration fee can reach up to 450,000 USD (many factors are considered), and the tax on the gross gaming revenue is established at 20%.

Till 2013, only card games and horse racing were among the allowed online betting activities. After 2013, sports betting and casino games joined the white list. By 2016, the state also admitted poker into the pool of online services.


Casino taxes Hungary

Casino and online casino gambling is taxed the following way:

  • If the the annual turnover is below 10 billion Hungarian Forints (€28 907 670)  –  30% of annual turnover
  • Over 10 billion hungarian Forints – it’s 3 billion hungarian Forints + 10% of the part above 10 billion, annual turnover

The ridiculously high annual license concession fee (116 million Hungarian Forints per casino and online casino website, €335 338, one the highest in all of Europe tbh.!) can be entirely deducted from the taxes paid, thank God, otherwise many casinos would have gone bankrupt in the countryside. It’s probably one of the highest annual licensing fee in all of Europe.

Gambling wins from the national lottery or licensed online casinos are not taxed but gambling wins from unlicensed online casinos and sports betting websites are considered income and are subject to taxation! It’s not really enforced but if you win a really big amount (>€100 000) it’s better to consult an accountant, to avoid nasty surprise visits from the NAV…

Land-based casinos in Hungary

Land-based casino gambling regulation in Hungary has a similar history as that of online casino gambling. Prior to 2012, the land-based casino market was quite liberalised, with dozens of casino gambling establishments operating throughout the country (actually thousands if you count pubs with slot machines as a gambling establishment). Slot machines could also be found in various establishments including malls and bars.

In 2012, the new gambling regulation created and passed in only 3 days put an abrupt end to this practice. Since then, only 8 casinos have remained which are licensed based on concessions. Just like in most other European countries slot machines outside of these specific casinos have been banned, no exception. Gambling operators have attacked this decision in front of the EU, which ruled in 2016 that the Hungarian gambling law went against EU regulations, but nothing happened and the ban is still in effect, and will remain in effect.

There are a maximum of 11 casino licences only, of which 5 are located in the capital of Hungary, Budapest (all owned by the same company)

Most of the casinos in Hungary are owned by two companies: LVC Diamond and CASINO WIN. Together they own 8 out of the 11 casinos.

COVID-19: None of the casinos in Hungary went out of business due to the pandemic, they were closed for a while, but they are all operating once more. A mask is mandatory in all of the casinos right now.

List of the best and biggest casinos in Hungary:

  1. Grand Casino Debrecen, Debrecen, Péterfia u. 18, 4026
  2. Las Vegas Casino Corvin sétány, Budapest, Corvin sétány 4, 1082
  3. Onyx Casino, Nyíregyháza, Szegfű u. 75, 4400
  4. Tropicana Casino in Miskolc, Miskolc, Szűcs Sámuel u., 3525
  5. Casino Win Pécs,  Pécs, Bajcsy-Zsilinszky u. 18, 7622
  6. Casino Win Győr, 9024 Győr, Vasvári Pál út 1/a.
  7. Casino Sopron, 9400 Sopron, Lackner Kristóf u. 33/A.
  8. Las Vegas Casino Atrium Eurocenter, Budapest, Bécsi út 154, 1037
  9. Las Vegas Casino Sofitel, Budapest, Széchenyi István tér 2, 1051
  10. Las Vegas Casino Atlantis, Budapest, Nagy Lajos király útja, 1142

Now, there are currently 10 land-based casinos operating in Hungary, though the number of licenses for these establishments is limited to 11. But Hungarians can gamble on online casino sites

Are online casinos legal in Hungary?Yes.
Are casino sites in Hungary trustworthy?Yes.
Can I deposit via PaySafeCard/Neteller/Skrill? Yes.
Do online casino sites accept HUF?Yes. 

Online Casino Payment Methods in Hungary

There are several ways through which gamblers can deposit and withdraw winnings. Naturally, so that operators keep providing them with safe and fair environments, every money transaction must be fully transparent. In this way, the credit and debit cards of VISA and MasterCard are usually accepted. But there are other alternatives that are as efficient. These include Skrill, Neteller or Paysafecard. And although ecoPayz is available in Hungary, it is not possible to make gambling-related transfers using this e-wallet in the country. For more information, consult the online casino reviews directory

Gambling forms in Hungary

Online Casinos in HungaryAs of August 2019, there are no online casino sites in Hungary holding a license issued by the country’s Government. One of the main reasons for this is that, according to the law, a  Hungarian online casino license is the exclusive right of the land-based casino operator. However, there are numerous casino sites that accept Hungarian players. 
Online Poker in HungaryThere are no specific Hungarian poker laws, but the game falls under the definition of card games and the general regulations apply. And even though the game is very popular, the Hungarian poker scene has seen a downfall in recent years due to high tax rates, resulting in the withdrawal of many poker rooms. This has also affected online poker sites, which is why players must access unlicensed rooms. 
Online Lottery in HungarySzerencsejáték, which was founded in 1991, is the exclusive provider of the lottery in the country, both in its land-based and online forms. But due to limited offer, players usually access international online lotto sites, that offer higher jackpot prizes and better opportunities, such as online lotto bonuses. 
Online Bingo in Hungary Bingo is not particularly popular in Hungary. There have been some bingo halls in the past, but, as of August 2019, there is currently no land-based facilities where it is possible to play the game. Furthermore, the strict requirements that operators have to fulfill in order to offer the game have made it harder for the establishment of a bingo scene. For this reason, players usually access international online bingo sites. 
Online Sports Betting in HungaryThe Hungarian sportsbook law states that the game is under a monopoly run by the state-owned company Szerencsejáték. This has been met with many negative reactions from both international bookmakers and the European Union. And as of August 2019, the largest online sportsbook sites operating in the international market still accept Hungarian bettors.

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